Michael Hayes

A group of Berkshire students attended the Asian American Footsteps Conference (AAFC) hosted by Deerfield Academy this month.

The group included Victor Li '18 and Gohta Aihara '19, who both presented at the April 8 event which provides "Asian, Asian American and mixed-heritage Asian students with a space to explore issues specific to their experiences," according to organizers.

Aihara's workshop focused on Asian education versus the Western/American education, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

"In addition to giving me a wonderful opportunity to teach a lesson and do workshops, AAFC enlightened me with so many different perspectives about my Asian identity and Asian people," Aihara shared.

He continued, "When I was planning my presentation, I expected students to decide which education system is better than the other. Instead, we ended the discussion concluding that it is more important to improve our own style of education than to admire that of other countries."

Li's presentation, meanwhile, tackled "Race, Person, Population: Rethinking Group Identification from an Asian Standpoint."

Director of Diversity and Inclusion LeRhonda Greats chaperoned the group and said the students planned to start an affinity group at Berkshire next fall.

Keynote speakers for the event were members of Wong Fu Productions.