Michael Hayes
Exhibit featuring abstract artwork by Berkshire School digital art and photography students.

A new exhibit entitled Lines, Shapes, Color: Abstract Work by Digital Art & Photography Students is now on display at The Warren Family Gallery.

The exhibit features artwork from past and current Berkshire students and will be on display until October 27.

"When looking at artwork, people often want to see identifiable objects and read narrative stories. They expect to see representations of the world around them," says Art Chair Paul Banevicius, the gallery's curator. "However, art can also be purely (or mostly) about the basic abstract elements of art: lines, shapes, and color, and building upon those, about texture, pattern, and scale."

Banevicius says the opening exhibit celebrates the language and elements of art-making. "Even the photographs, while having recognizable imagery, emphasize the abstract elements as their primary subject matter. In this exhibit, to quote Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase, 'The medium is the message.'"

Lines, Shapes, Color is one of five exhibits scheduled for display during the 2018-2019 school year at The Warren Family Gallery.