Lucia Mulder

With exam week just days away, fourth formers had the opportunity to learn some new ways to de-stress at the Wellness Symposium which took place on Dec. 12. The fourth-form For Life program in Decisions, Identity, and Development is offered as part of Berkshire's Wellness and Growth curriculum.

“Wellness practices like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and Qigong help students learn to integrate mind and body, manage their breathing, and regulate their nervous systems during moments of stress or upset,” explains Director of Counseling Tess Adams, who oversees the school’s Wellness and Growth program. “These tools are incredibly vital, especially to adolescents.”  

Fourth formers chose from the following six different workshops, led by professionals in the field.

Worry Less and BE More: Yoga and Mindfulness
A combination of yoga, mindfulness, and breath work, this workshop will also have a deep relaxation session at the end. Students always leave this workshop rested and restored.

Find Your Strengths and Have Fun To Manage Stress: An Open Space Workshop
In this interactive and experiential workshop, you will set up as an Open Space workshop where you will have a chance to explore your own strengths and ability to manage stress through fun activities. Students will discover new techniques that can help them navigate life's struggles.

The Teenage Brain on Stress: Mindfulness-Based Tools That Can Help!
In this workshop, we will explore the nature of the teenage brain and mindfulness-based tools that can help teens better navigate the stress and anxiety inherent in the teenage experience. Students will explore breathing practices, mindful movement, and compassion-building practices and leave with tools to help them handle stress, be calm, and have more compassion for themselves and others.

Stretch, Relax, and Meditate
We will move through a gentle yoga practice, stretching, and moving with our breath as a way to reduce stress. Then we will enjoy a deep relaxation practice and and optional simple meditation that you can apply to your daily life. Leave with tangible tools and techniques to use in stressful times!

Learn Qigong
Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. This class will involve gentle standing stretches, slow calming movements, breathing exercises, and a closing relaxation session.

Unwind with Trigger Point Release
In this workshop you will learn stretching, self massage, and trigger point release techniques you can use anywhere to calm your mind and decompress tension in your body.