Michael Hayes

By any measure, Jimmy Lehmberg ’19 has accomplished a lot during his senior year. He deftly hosted Jazz Café this winter, fine-tuned his French over a weekend getaway in Montreal, worked on his stand-up comedy routine through an independent study with Mr. Howard, and taught a Pro Vita class on hip-hop.

Jimmy Lehmberg '19 led the effort to award camp $10,000 BPOP grant.

Jimmy Lehmberg '19 presented Camp Jabberwocky Director of Outreach Kelsey Cosby with a check for $10,000 on May 16.

His most important contribution, however, may have come on May 16, when Lehmberg presented Camp Jabberwocky with a check for $10,000.

The donation was the latest grant awarded by Berkshire’s Philanthropy Outreach Program, or BPOP, which was launched in 2015 after two anonymous donors gave $250,000 to support philanthropy in the classroom. Lehmberg and his classmates in Mr. Perkins' Economics and Philanthropy class worked through the semester to identify and ultimately pick the winning organization.

“It was so exciting and rewarding to be able to sit down and work towards a goal for months, and then end up making a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives," said Lehmberg.

"Camp Jabberwocky is an organization that I’ve been around my entire life. My cousin has been working summers there forever, and I have always gone to the summer play they perform. Nothing I have ever done has made me feel this good, and I'm excited to watch the change that unravels with the help of this grant," he added.

Camp Jabberwocky, the oldest overnight residential camp for individuals with disabilities in America, is located on Martha’s Vineyard and is run entirely by volunteers. The organization serves about 200 campers each year, according to Kelsey Cosby, Camp Jabberwocky’s director of outreach. Cosby said the grant will allow the camp to purchase furniture and equipment for its Main Cabin, which serves as the “heart and soul” of the camp.

“Thanks to Berkshire School, we’re going to have a fun Main Cabin for everyone to enjoy,” Cosby said during a presentation of the award at all-school meeting in Allen Theater.