Lucia Mulder

Angela Ansah and Luke Nguyen

Earlier this month, Assistant Head of School Peter Quilty named Angela Ansah '21 and Luke Nguyen '21 the All-School Presidents for the 2020-21 school year.

Seven candidates ran for the positions by submitting their platforms via video this year. It was a very strong slate of candidates which speaks to the leadership and role modeling from this year's All-School Presidents Gigi Brown and Nate McShane and the entire Class of 2020. 

"I'd like to congratulate all the candidates who campaigned for this leadership role. With the broad set of ideas and leadership priorities presented, Berkshire is sure to have strong leaders next year in various positions across campus," said Head of School Pieter Mulder.

"I couldn't be more excited for Angela and Luke's leadership as All-School Presidents," he continued. "With the two of them leading the way, our school is clearly in the very best of hands, with so much to be excited about this fall." 

Click below to hear brief messages from Angela and Luke.