Mountain Passport

Berkshire's Mountain Passport provides students with a opportunity to explore our unique setting while documenting their adventures in a timeless keepsake. Below is a bucket list created by the Sense of Place student committee, as well as the faculty and staff members designated as stamp holders for each of the items on the list. To participate, follow these simple steps:

• Get outside and complete the activity (be sure to document it with a photo).

• Track down the faculty/staff member assigned to the activity and request a stamp.

• Cherish your passport forever!


Activity Stamp Faculty Member  
Mountain Day Collect your passort and participate in Mountain Day TBD  
South Pinnacle Hike to South Pinnacle and find the monument Ms. Plante  
Mount Everett Hike to the summit of Mount Everett Mr. Mulder  
Cranberry Bog Bushwack to the Cranberry Bog Mr. Dalton  
Jefferson Salemander Salamander identification or participate in salamander research Mr. Saylor  


Catch a fish in Giberson Pond or other local waters


Thoreau Cabin Visit, sleep in Thoreau Cabin, or visit Thoreau Cabin for a class Mr. Meade  
The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go Off-campus hike or participate in RKMP trip Ms. Splawn  
Guilder Pond Hike and/or swim at Guilder Pond Ms. Simmons  
Marketplace Café Bike to Marketplace Café Stamp at Marketplace Café  
Lean-To Overnight Overnight at the Russell Shelter Ms. McGovern  


Canoeing, kayaking or rafting

Mr. Anselmi

Hike Berkshire Hike our campus trails Ms. MacKenzie  
Trail Maintenance Perform trail maintenance or volunteer with the Nature Conservatory Ms. Loose-Brown  
Fly Fishing Go fly fishing or tie your own flies Mr. Bullock  
Maple Syrup Corporation Chop firewood, collect sap, tap trees, visit Sugar Shack during a class Mr. Sayler  
Overnight Camping Trip Overnight off campus camping or full moon hike TBD  

Wolfpack Sunrise Hike

Watch the sunrise from atop the mountain

Ms. Bogardus

Climb the Mountain Hike Race Brook, Jug End, or a longer section of the Appalachian Trail Ms. Anselmi  
Birding Bird identification or go birding with Mr. Splawn Mr. Splawn  
Biking Mountain biking, road biking, or bike to town TBD  
Climbing Wall Use the climbing wall Mr. Urmston