Core Values

Berkshire instills the following values in all members of our community:


To question, to explore, to discover, to learn about oneself and others, and to embrace new experiences, not just for school but for life.


To understand and learn from differences, to welcome open exchange of ideas, and to create safe and affirming communities that value every person.


To be honest and accountable to oneself and to others, to trust and be trusted, to be disciplined and responsible, in all academic pursuits and in all relationships.


To be steadfast in the face of challenge or obstacle, to rise above the mistakes and failures, and to see things through to completion.


To set a new direction in response to changing circumstances, to manage and adapt to adversity, and to bounce back and regain one's footing with confidence and purpose.


To respect oneself and others, one's place and surroundings, to consider intent and impact, and to act in ways that demonstrate empathy and understanding.