About Us

Berkshire School is a co-ed boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12 and post-graduates. The 400-acre campus is located at the base of Mount Everett (2,624 ft.) in Sheffield, Massachusetts, in the heart of the Berkshire Hills, a popular tourist destination for world-renowned arts and culture, health and wellness retreats and spectacular nature, including the Appalachian Trail, which is a short hike from campus.

By design, every student makes an impact at Berkshire. No student is anonymous. Everyone knows everyone—from faculty and staff to new students and graduating seniors. Our enrollment of 400 students is a sweet spot for Berkshire’s model and culture, allowing us to cultivate an exceptionally affirming and close-knit residential community. From the foundation of being known well, our students build confidence, which enables them to strive, take risks, and reimagine their potential in all areas of their development. 

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The Berkshire Experience

Student Life

Dorms at Berkshire

Student Life

What makes Berkshire unique is that students do not simply uphold traditions and show up to events; instead, they build traditions and new programs, and as a result they are involved, invested, and connected.

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Meet Our Faculty

Discover what makes our faculty unique, what drives them and why they remain committed to Berkshire's mission.

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Signature Programs

Berkshire's Signature Programs are all designed to expand minds, provide real-world experiences, and help distinguish our students in an increasingly competitive college process.

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