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Squash - Girls Varsity vs. Kent

Event Type: Regular

Date: January 11, 2014

Score:Berkshire 7 - Kent 0

Event Recap:
With our top two squashers taking a breather today, the Bears entered the match with anxious confidence.  The latter emotion proved more apt on the day as Berkshire pitched a shutout against a plucky but inexperienced Kent squad, continuing the winning streak and moving to 3-1 overall. 
1.  Olivia Silverman 3-0
2.  Edeline Loh 3-0
3.  Allie Brazo 3-0
4.  Serena Menges 3-0
5.  Lucy Hollister 3-0
6.  Chelsea Leeds 3-0
7.  Tatum Boyle 3-0
8.  Madison Heilshorn 3-0
After the weirdness of the webcast last Wednesday, the girls were relieved to get back to business as usual.  A supportive crowd, featuring Allie's, Chelsea's, Lucy's and Madison's families, as well as squash dignitaries Dary Dunham (Rhode Island state champion) and Elizabeth Benedict (Berkshire '12), was on hand to cheer the Bears toward victory.
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