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Tennis - Boys Junior Varsity vs. Trinity Pawling

Event Type: Regular

Date: April 9, 2014


Event Recap:
On windy Wednesday afternoon, the Bears traveled to Trinity Pawling. Strong play from Kreke / Charkraborty and Pang / Ohara quickly gave the Bears the first point of the match. Arredondo / Zang battled through a long match to sweep the doubles. Meeker continues to play well at singles, taking his second win of the season in quick fashion. Both Morse and Faison played strong matches with few unforced errors. Cortes, despite a wrist injury, won his first singles match. Doubles: 1.) Chris Kreke / Shuvam Charkraborty: 8-3 2.) Rafeal Arredondo / Ryan Zang: 8-6 3.) William Pang / Ryo Ohara: 8-4 Singles: 1.) Duncan Anderson: 6-8 2.) Tyler Morse: 8-1 3.) Daniel Beyer: 7-9 4.) Jeffrey Meeker: 8-0 5.) Noah Faison: 8-2 6.) Matt Cortes 8-4
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