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Posted Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013 
William Pang '15 is studying belief systems in his Independent Study with Ms Connell. Listen to him talk about it and read his explanations here.
Posted Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013 
Faculty spent a day in early December in a lecture hall - hear more about what Ms. Connell had to say about what they were learning here.
Posted Monday, Dec 16, 2013 
Olly Liu '14 has just had photos published in Shanghai Magazine. See the slideshow and read about Olly's other involvement on campus here!
Posted Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 
William Pang '14 and the library committee are working with Mr. Schworm to bring iMacs into the library. Read more about it here!
Posted Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013 
With flags at half-staff, Berkshire is remembering Nelson Mandela and his many contributions, while also giving the community access to what's happening in real time. Read more and watch Mr. Mulder's talk here.
Posted Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013 
Dr. April Burch, Director of Berkshire's Advanced Math Science Research program, talks about this year's INTEL submissions. See more here about this science competition and the extraordinary Berkshire students who are taking part in it.
Posted Friday, Nov 22, 2013 
Mr. O'Rourke offers some words of encouragement as Movember barrels toward a close. Check out the mustaches on campus and learn more about what you can do!
Posted Thursday, Nov 7, 2013 
Want to see how the Green and Gray teams have done, so far this year? Check out Mrs. Bullock's visuals here!
Posted Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013 
Bray Wilcock '12 continues Berkshire's tradition of service and awareness - now, from the Naval Academy, where an historic rule has been suspended in support of Men's Health Awareness. Read more to see how he did it!
Posted Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 
Last week, Ms. Connell and Dr. Burch talked a little about working in Bellas-Dixon and the compelling possibilities of a program like Advanced Math Science Research. Watch that interview here.
Posted Wednesday, Oct 9, 2013 
NAIS calls Berkshire, "One of the STARS of Sustainability:" Read about it here.
Posted Thursday, Oct 3, 2013 
This afternoon, we cleaned up, cleaned out, and otherwise tidied campus, working together to get the job done. Go Bears!
Posted Monday, Sep 23, 2013 
Deo's story is at times hard to hear, but, in his own words, it is also "really beautiful."
Posted Friday, Jul 12, 2013 
At the beach, in the mountains, in the quiet of our backyards, here's what Berkshire Bears of all stripes are reading this summer.
Posted Monday, May 6, 2013 
Berkshire was named a Green Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education recently for its efforts to reduce environmental impact and costs, improve health and offer environmental education. Berkshire is one of just 64 schools in the nation to receive the distinction. Click here to read more.
Posted Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 
Students in Ms. Xu's Chinese classes celebrated Chinese New Year at her house recently, making and eating their own dumplings from scratch and practicing their language skills. Click here to see a slideshow.
Posted Saturday, Feb 9, 2013 
The school has a new tool to monitor and analyze real-time energy consumption on campus: an online Energy Dashboard that includes data from many campus buildings, as well as the two-megawatt solar field. Click here to learn more.
Posted Monday, Sep 3, 2012 
The new Math and Science Center, a 48,000-square-foot building that increases curricular space by 129%, is both smart and sustainable. By incorporating state-of-the-art design, the building is predicted to reduce energy consumption by 58.7% compared to standard buildings.
Posted Thursday, May 10, 2012 
Cody Turner '13, a member of the Sustainability class, recently helped the school to initiate a no-idling policy. The new rule is now incorporated in the employee handbook and signs will be posted in key locations.
Posted Friday, Apr 20, 2012 
Students in the Sustainability class have studied the Fair Labor Association and urge the school to join nearly 200 colleges and universities in efforts to protect workers and promote socially responsible companies.
Posted Thursday, Feb 16, 2012 
Sustainable Resources students, tasked to create initiatives to improve community, take bold steps to positively impact those on campus and beyond.
Posted Friday, Oct 21, 2011 
Students in the Sustainability class lead the community in a transportation carbon offset program, pushing Berkshire closer to its goal of carbon neutrality by 2014.
Posted Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 
Berkshire joins Harvard, Stanford and 30 other leading universities in a pledge to invest a cumulative total of one billion dollars in self-managed green revolving funds to finance energy efficiency upgrades on campus. Berkshire is the nation's only secondary school invited to participate.
Posted Wednesday, May 4, 2011 
Members of the Sustainability class recognize prefects Juna Lee and Breana Wilson for their efforts to mentor and lead the girls in MacMillan dorm in raising conservation consciousness.
Posted Friday, Feb 18, 2011 
Joe McDonald '12 and members of the Sustainability class use a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system to urge for school purchasing guidelines.
Posted Thursday, Jan 27, 2011 
Edward (Geordie) Beldock '11 and members of the Sustainability class report data in campus oil reduction efforts.
Posted Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011 
Joe McDonald '12 and the Sustainability class implement a new "Eat What you Take" campaign to eliminate food waste in the dining hall.
Posted Sunday, Oct 17, 2010 
Sustainability students bring an idea to fruition and reap a bountiful harvest with the help of campus preschoolers
Posted Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010 
Using a metric called Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS), the School embarks on ambitious goals
Posted Sunday, Mar 7, 2010 
With the receipt of two generous grants, plans are underway for a new community garden on campus
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