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May 9: Off and Running!

Yes, it has finally arrived - dress rehearsal day has arrived. It is the first day we will perform in front of faculty and peers. We gathered around at 4pm to get warmed up and to settle into acting mode. The faces of the cast members reflected our fear and anxiety. It is challenging to perform in front of a crowd, but we invested so much time in the play and we want to perform to our full potential. While warming up, Mr. Howard gave an inspirational speech to help the cast members get focused. He emphasized enjoying the process of acting and appreciating everyone around you. After dinner, around 7:00pm, the first scene began and set the tone for the rest of the night. Yes, we did make several mistakes. We forgot lines and missed cues. The cast was a bit disappointed. But they are going to go over their material once more and won’t repeat the mistakes. After the play, Mr. Howard complimented us for a nice job. He said that if today’s performance was the actual performance, it would have been an awesome play. However, don’t forget, this was a dress rehearsal. We will get some rest and regroup on Friday for opening night. P.S DON’T FORGET TO GET YOUR WORK DONE!

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May 7: Tech + Dress Rehearsal

After finishing our Saturday at 10:30 pm, we gathered on Monday to have a tech dress rehearsal. At a tech dress rehearsal, all cast members get in their actual costumes and we run all the sound effects and lighting. We are only four days away from opening day and two days away from having a practice run. On Wednesday, around thirty people will be watching our performance for real because they cannot make it to the opening days. The tech dress rehearsal barely had any mistakes and the whole cast was satisfied. But, Mr. Howard wasn’t fully satisfied; he said that we could do more and make it even better and to pace to play better. Tuesday is a day- off. Therefore, the cast should take a break and remember to scan through your material one more time before tomorrow.

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May 5: Balancing the play and AP's

AP’s are coming up!! Yes, students in the play are studious and elite students. We hope that all the students who are taking AP’s will be capable of balancing their time with studying and the play. As Mr. Howard states, there is no excuse from not getting the work done because of the play. Best wishes to all students who are taking the AP’s.!!

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May 5: Tech Rehearsal

Do you not know what a tech rehearsal is? Well, it is a day to figure out all the details, such as music cues and lighting, while running though our plays. Also, we need to figure how to put in and take out equipment for scene changes. This is a crucial day for the theater program and we will figure out how to take the play from being good to being fantastic. Yes, it was a long day, lasting from 2:30 to 10:30, but, as always, Mr. Howard and the whole crew had a smile all day and we didn’t lose our enthusiasm. The responses from students were all similar: “Although it was a long day, I feel great about getting something done.” Don’t forget, we are only 6 days away from opening.

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May 4: Props & Costumes

Props and costumes seem to be ready! We have sombreros, construction hard hats, bow ties, suits and glasses that will be worn by the cast members during the play. Props such as a loaf of bread, multiple typewriters, bananas and guitars are ready as well. Thanks to the prop and costume crew, we are one step closer to having an amazing performance.

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April 25: Going Off-Book

Nobody wants this day to come. It’s all cast off book day. All the cast members have to run through their scenes without looking at their scripts. Calling for lines is acceptable, but calling it multiple times will make Mr. Howard frown and nobody wants to disappoint him. However, despite all the concerns, Mr. Howard gave us one comment after the run through: “That was awesome!”  Everyone was able to smile after a long day and it was the right way to end the day.

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April 14 & 21: Set Build

We painted multiple platforms and build a legitimate fireplace. We also painted the wall black in order to give a serious atmosphere to the theater. All the crew got dirty because of paint, but we didn’t forget to lose our smiles during the process.

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March 29: Macbeth Performance

Shakespeare & Co. Macbeth Performance has taken place at Berkshire School. Students who are either sophomores or in theater were required to attend. Students were given the opportunity to comprehend Macbeths plot and the details in acting. The Shakespeare acting crew from Lenox gave an enthusiastic performance and deserved a huge hand of applause.

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