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On Friday, May 11 at 11:30 AM, the school will dedicate the lobby of Berkshire Hall to Twiggs Myers, honoring his nearly 60-year commitment to the institution.  Iconic teacher and coach from 1953 - 1995, Mr. Myers now serves as the school's archivist and on the Board of Trustees.  We invite you to share your stories about Twiggs here.


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Myers beyond the Mountain

Posted by:  Peter J. Kinne
05/07/12 09:14 PM   | reply

A story or two about C. Twiggs Myers is the assignment.  How does one only tell a few stories about a man who has been a colleague, father figure, best friend, and part of a family for 37 years? I am sure many former students, athletes and colleagues have plenty to say about the man donned in tweed, pipe in hand as he has roamed in Berkshire Hall and under the mountain for the last sixty years.  Mine is another perspective of the personal man, the man who has sat at our dinner table many a night entertaining our family and friends with his stories, who has toured us around his beloved Essex, New York and Lake Champlain with countless stories of his youth and family.  My wife and I have had the pleasure of getting to know all of the Myers clan, his vast extended family.  There are nearly as many Myers in Essex as Kinnes in the Berkshires.    Sharing just a few stories about such a humble, kind, loyal man is not an easy task.

Of course I can tell you about the annual Thanksgiving Day massacres of several of Twiggs’ bantam roosters.  My first such experience was with Twiggs and the legendary Art Chase.  To say there was pressure as I swung the ax is an understatement.  Art Chase gave the best anatomy lesson I ever received about chicken’s gizzards.   Also, Twiggs’ chickens brought free range poultry to a new level as they surely had the toughest legs anyone has ever eaten.  Two days of cooking would not even work.  Truth be told, being his neighbor all these years and hearing those chickens call first thing in the morning meant all was right with the world.

Then there was the time that Twiggs was convalescing in Eipper with the Kinnes after his bout with pneumonia.  He had been with us a few weeks when one evening my wife, who thought she was speaking to me, gave some stern instructions, only to turn a see it was Twiggs.  Twiggs, in his classic way, simply said it was time to head home as he was getting too familiar in the Kinne household.  I wish I had a photo of the grin on his face.  

The clocks, oh the clocks, if you have ever had the opportunity to spend time in the Myers’ residence you hear them tick, tick, ticking away.  And the sword from General Twiggs hanging on his wall for all to see.  I learned more about the Civil War from him and never had to take his class.  Twiggs is not only Berkshire’s historian, he is the keeper of the Myers’ family tree.  This passion was not only present in his classroom in Berkshire Hall but has been there for his whole family.

I could go on forever because this has been the most important role model for me as a teacher and human being.   If you want more “dirt” about things like his midnight travels out of his bed, you will have to speak with me privately, but I will close with one more recent story.

 Twiggs has intrusted my wife and me to be on his life alert calling list.  Well, soon after he signed up for this service our phone rang. 

“Hello”, I said.   

 “Mr Myers life alert has gone off and he is not answering his phone.”

“Thank you.” I said.

There was a frantic trip down our driveway and up his in our car with Lynn and me planning what to do.  Call 911?  Call the police?  What if?  Well, you get the picture of us as we raced up his driveway, coming to a screeching halt.  There in the garage under the tractor was Twiggs.  He rolls out and says,  “What is the hurry?” 

My hope for all of you is that one day you will be blessed with a friendship and brotherhood like we have had with Twiggs Myers.  He is truly everything Berkshire and everything that is right with the world.

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