Advanced Math/Science Research Update

by Dr. April Burch, Director of the AMSR program

January 15, 2013

Since our last update, Berkshire School hosted student researchers from Belmont Hill, and all-boys prep school outside of Boston, for a 1-day mini-symposium on Student Biomedical Research. The goal was to foster collaboration, communication and community outreach with our students.  AMSR students Liza Bernstein '13, Sissi Wang '13, Lars Robinson '13, Elsie Guevara '13, Ernest Yue '13, and Nate MacKenzie '14, gave short talks about their work in the new Bellas/Dixon Math and Science lecture hall. The talks were followed up by break-out sessions where Belmont Hill students described their research projects and students discussed commonalities between the projects and future goals.

The second semester of AMSR started with some terrific news. The AMSR program was awarded a grant from The Chinchester Dupont Foundation for the purchase of an EVOS fluorescence microscope.  This piece of equipment will expand the types of experiments and analyses that can be done by AMSR students this and future years.  The microscope should arrive shortly, and Dr. Burch has invited everyone to stop in for a look next time they are on campus. 

One new, exciting project that is underway in the winter season of AMSR in the afternoons is being spearheaded by Elif Kesaf '14.  Elif is from Turkey and seeks to identify novel viruses of non-pathogenic strains of Legionella bacterium from travertines in Pamukkale. In collaboration with Dr. Sunny Shin at the Perlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, she will be working to isolate viruses of this bacterium with the hope of identifying new agents to combat Legionnaires' disease caused by a pathogenic form of Legionella.

Look for more news from Dr. Burch in the next issue!

Creating Art to Celebrate Tanglewood
Posted 04/12/2012 03:44PM

Creating Art for Tanglewood

Studio Art students support Tanglewood’s 75th Anniversary

Berkshire studio art students are participating in a countywide community art project designed to celebrate Tanglewood’s 75th anniversary.  Tanglewood, an iconic music venue in nearby Lenox, is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the site of the Tanglewood Music and Jazz Festivals. To celebrate the occasion, local high school and college art students will transform fifty, seven-foot-tall fiberglass sculptures of musical instruments into interesting pieces of art that will be displayed throughout the county during this summer’s concert season. Claire Virkler sands the surface of the treble clef

Click here to read an article on Tanglewood's website about the project.

Berkshire students will work with five of these sculptures.  Students are looking to explore relationships between visual art and music in their work and have committed themselves to finding creative solutions to the challenge before them. 

Click here to view a slideshow of students working on their projects.

"I am very excited about participating in the Tanglewood project,” says Katharina Kreke ’12. “I've been having a lot of fun and it's a great experience to be working on a sculpture that will become a work of public art. There aren't any limits and we can let our imagination go wild." 

Berkshire students are also taking advantage of the many resources available to them on campus and have already called upon Mr. Smith in Buildings and Grounds for some help with sawing, Mr. Blauss from the science department for a advice on making L.E.D. lighting circuits, and Dr. Davis and his electronic music class for a consultation on sound and making an interactive musical sculpture. 

I am really looking forward to being a part of the Tanglewood project,” says Krissy Govertsen ’15. “I have never worked an interactive piece of art before. This will be a whole new ball game for me, and I am super excited."

Julia Reger and Katharine Kreke do some sandingLucia Perkins ’14 is equally enthusiastic. “I love that all of the different levels of art students are coming together and using their heads to create a unique meaningful piece of art. I also think it's really cool that it will be displayed around Berkshire county, it helps to connect the school to the community that surrounds us. I'm really excited to see the outcome.”

“I feel like the Tanglewood sculpture project is a great way to further connect with our own Berkshire School students as well as the outside community,” says Claire Virkler ’14. “Sometimes it feels like we're confined to campus but really there is so much going on outside our world that we can get involved with and have some fun!”

Thank you to our guest teachers for their enthusiastic participation.

We hope you’ll stop by the Studio Art room to see what all the excitement is about!  

-- Linda D'Arco, Studio Art teacher

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