Giving Societies and Clubs

Seaver Buck Society ($25,000+)
Anonymous ( 1 )
120 Broadway Partners Charitable Trust
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation   
Arthur Kontos Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg H. Beldock '79 CP
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Bell '80 CP
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Inc.
Bullrock Corporation
Mr. Hans L. Carstensen III '66
Michael and Jane Chwick PA
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Citrin CP
Mrs. Alice Ehrenclou Cole '76
Mr. Peter T. Colket '60
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crispin PA
The Donald C. McGraw Foundation
Mr. William L. Duschatko '61 PA
Mr. John H. Ellwood '61
The Ferguson Steiner Family Fund
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
The Four Points Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Fox CP
Dr. Andrew M. Fried '60
Ms. Anne Sutherland Fuchs CP
The Gail and James Kellogg Family Fund of the Community Foundation
Mrs. Tasha Allyn Given '84
Goldman Sachs Gives
Mr. Donald W. Goodrich '61 CP PA
Mr. Luke J. Haran, Jr. '61
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Harmon '53
Mr. James L. Haskel '86
Mr. Edmond B. Herrington '61 PA
Mr. James E. Hooper '69
Mrs. Deborah Hower-Perkins CP
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald F. Irving CP
J.C. Kellogg Family Foundation
Mr. Peter R. Kellogg '61 PA
Mrs. Cynnie Kellogg PA
Mr. James C. Kellogg
Mr. Richard I. Kellogg '63
Mr. Han Tae Keum and Mrs. Min Jung Park CP
Mr. Arthur Kontos
Mr. John C. Kuhn '82
Mr. Jin-Ho Kum GP
The Crown and Kunkler Families PA
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. W. McGraw '70 PA
Mrs. Lara Schefler McLanahan '86
Mrs. Susan A. Morison Hon.'61
Morse Hill Foundation Inc.
Mr. Stephen P. Norman '60
Norman B. Williams Trust
Mr. Gilman C. Perkins '73 CP
Peter Kellogg Corporation
Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Picotte PA
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Puth CP PA
Mr. L. Keith Reed '68
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Reger CP
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin Charitable Foundation
Mr. Andrew E. Sabin CP
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Shotwell '51 PA GP
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith CP
Mr. Thomas D. Steiner and Mrs. Maureen Ferguson Steiner CP PA
Mrs. Sally M. W. Stone PA
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stout PA
The Studio Account
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Vanderbeek CP
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Watkins, Sr. '73 CP PA
The Honorable Leon J. Weil '44C PA GP
Mr. Hank M. White
Mrs. Joan A. White
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wolf CP
Mr. and Mrs. George Wood CP
Mrs. Ann C. Zimmerli-Haskel '86

Guilder Pond Club ($20,000 - $24,999.99)
Mr. Bruce D. Benson '57
Benson Mineral Group, Inc.
Mr. R. W. Burrows '67
Burrows Little Falls Foundation
Mr. Soon Kyu Lee and Mrs. Mi Hyun Kim CP
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McChesney, Jr. PA  
Perkins Fund Marketing, LLC
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Mr. Walter B. Rose '65 PA

Mt. Everett Club ($10,000 - $19,999.99)
Anonymous ( 1 )
Mr. Frederick E. Allardt III '76
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney M. Benham CP
Mr. Jay Hoon Chung and Mrs. Mihwa Cha CP
Mr. Richard T. Cunniff, Jr. '70
Mr. Alexander J. Cutler '99
Dr. and Mrs. Neal R. Cutler PA
Ms. Samantha Cutler
The Dale & Deborah Ross Foundation
Mr. E. Mandell de Windt '39 PA GP
Four T's Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Frisch, Jr. CP
Gartner Matching Gift Center
Mrs. Jane R. Grace and Mr. Robert M. Grace PA GP
Dr. David J. Haidak '61
Mr. Walter S. Henrion '57
Mr. John B. Hull III '51 PA GP
James E. & Constance L. Bell Foundation
John and Betsy McLinden Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Keith, Jr. CP
Kirk '87 and Megan Kellogg
The Kirk and Megan Kellogg Foundation
Mr. Guoping Liu and Mrs. Bin Zhou CP
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Lockwood PA
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luckow
The Luckow Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McLinden CP
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Nelson CP
Mr. Anthony C. J. Nuland '61
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Patsalos-Fox CP
Patsalos-Fox Family Foundation
Ms. Tenley E. Reed '93
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Rhodes CP
Ms. Catherine G. Roberts CP
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Ross PA
Dr. Si Il Ryoo and Ms. Eun Young Jung CP
The San Francisco Foundation
Sara Lee Foundation
Mr. Joseph F. Seigle '01
Mr. Lionel A. Shaw '85
Mr. Willard B. Soper II '66 PA
State Street Matching Gift Program
Sr. and Sra. D. Arturo Suque GP
Mr. Harlan J. Swift, Jr. '66
USNY UD Mae C. Rovensky Foundation
Mr. Jonathan P. Ward and Ms. Margo Montgomery Ward PA
Mr. Hugh J. Weidinger '60 PA
The Weil Family Fund of DonorsTrust

South Pinnacle Club ($5,000 - $9,999.99)

Alliance Bernstein
Clay and Diane Biddinger '73
Biddinger Family Foundation
Mr. Robert Z. Brandt and Mrs. Deborah Barnett-Brandt CP
The Castellano Family
Castellano Family Foundation, Inc
Mr. Suk Whan Chang and Mrs. Hee Kyung Jo-Min CP
Clara L D Jeffery Charitable Trust
Mr. Kent S. Clow III '69
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Colbert, Jr. PA
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan O. Colley CP
Mr. Sergio Copstein and Dr. Leda M. Alimena CP
The Dana and Sonya Klein Charitable Fund
Mr. James E. Demmert '82
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Ms. Victoria Nimick Enright '83
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Farrell CP PA
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Gerber CP
The Gusti Brandt Foundation Inc.
Dr. Thomas M. Hanson '61
The Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Helderman CP PA
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Henderson, Jr. CP PA
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hirschfeld PA
Mr. Daniel D. Hubbard CP
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hupalo CP
Mr. Gordon B. Kellam '97
Mr. Peter L. Kennard '64
Mr. and Mrs. Dana F. Klein CP
Dr. and Mrs. Henning Kreke CP
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Lawson III CP
M&T Investment Group D-B Trust
Mr. and Ms. Michael J. Maher CP FAC/ST
Main Street Research, LLC
Ms. Jane H. Mason CP PA
McGue Millhiser Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mead CP
Mrs. Maggie Ross Meiners '90
The Meiners Family Fund
Mr. Richard F. Meystre '61
Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Millhiser, Jr. PA
Mr. Francis H. Monahan '57
Mr. C. Twiggs Myers Hon.'57 FAC/ST
National Philanthropic Trust
Nelson Mead Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Paliotta CP
Mr. Scott A. Perekslis and Ms. Terri J. Lundquist CP
Pitney Bowes Foundation, Inc.
Mr. James B. Platt '59
The Platt Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Procida CP
Mr. John A. Raphael '67
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Rasmussen CP
Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Schappert PA
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. G C. Seybolt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Simmons, Jr. CP
The Stanton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Taussig '75
Mrs. Robin B. Tost PA
TR Camp-Younts Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Vessels CP

Black Rock Club ($2,500 - $4,999.99)
Abby and George O'Neill Trust
Bank of America Foundation
Mr. William J. Benedict, Jr. CP
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Benfield CP
Dr. Rhonda M. Bentley-Lewis '86
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney T. Bogardus, Jr. CP
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Bowen CP
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Bricken CP
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carey III CP
Mr. Richard L. Case '57
Mr. Jung Hyun Choi and Mrs. Mi Ja Park CP
Mr. Thomas H. Conway '57
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Corwin '63
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Dunham CP
Eaton Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Fee CP
Mr. R. Jeffrey Follert '73
Mr. and Mrs. Lucius L. Fowler CP
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Gardella '71 PA
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Grace CP
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Hahn CP
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hall CP
Ms. Lucy L. Halperin CP
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Harms CP
JL Surgical LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Bart A. Johnston CP
The Estate of William F. Kimberly, Jr. '47 *
Dr. and Mrs. Jörn Kreke GP
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Landry PA
Mr. Seok Joo Lee and Mrs. Kyung Hwa Choi CP
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Licata CP
Mr. Mark R. Lickus and Ms. Stephanie T. Miskell CP
Mr. and Mrs. D. Richard Masson PA
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. McGovern, Jr. CP
Mrs. Katherine S. Mitchell and Mr. John D. Mitchell PA
Mr. T. Garrison Morfit, Jr. '61
Mr. Jonathan L. Neuman '92
New York Life Foundation
Mrs. Theodora O'Hara PA GP
Mr. and Mrs. George D. O'Neill PA
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Parsons CP
Mr. Joseph P. Pezza CP
Mr. James H. Powers '65
Ms. Lynette A. Prescott '81 and Mr. Michael B. Wieczorek CP
R. T. Vanderbilt Trust
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ruh CP
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation
Mr. Theodore G. Shrady '57
Mr. Alexander E. Simpson '47
Dr. Steven R. Strong '58
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Switlik PA
Mr. Jeffrey J. Taussig '72
Mr. John W. Taussig '69
Mr. Robert D. Thomas '79 and Mrs. Kimberly Lewis Thomas '80
Mr. John E. Thompson '68 and Ms. Julia A. Forster '78
Mr. Jonathan P. Thompson '66
Mr. Paul S. Tompkins '57
Tri-State Public Communications, Inc.
Mrs. Virginia Vanderbilt
Mr. Lance R. Vermeulen '78
Ms. Heather Steck Von Seggern '85
Mr. and Mrs. H. Webster Walker III '73 PA
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Wilcock, Jr. CP
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wright PA and Connor J. Wright

Cabin Trail Club (1,907 - $2,499.99)

Mr. Thomas B. Anderson '57
Mr. Davis G. Anderson '68 PA
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Beaver CP
Black Rock Foundation Fund
Mr. Thomas E. Boehland '81
Mrs. William R. Bullard, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara S.C. Bullock '86 and Mr. William C. Bullock CP FAC/ST
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cohen CP
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Cohen PA
Mrs. Carol Currier PA
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Cushman '71 PA
Mr. Charles A. DelGrande '75
Mr. and Mrs. John DiSantis PA
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Gillam CP
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Giordano CP
Mr. Peter H. Hammett '66
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hoover CP
Ms. Patricia Hughes
Mr. Charles R. Jamison, Jr. '66
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kelly CP
Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Lange PA
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Lieblich CP
Mr. D. Lucas McDonough '91
Mr. Peter D. O'Hara '60
Mr. John E. Ormiston FAC/ST
Quality Printing Company, Inc.
Mr. Timothy T. Renyi '96
Mr. William G. Rogers '66
Ruth B. Wood Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Ryan CP
Mr. James C. Scala '85
Mr. and Mrs. Roald M. Schopp '49 PA GP
Mr. John M. Shaker '71
Mr. Albert Shaw III '47
Mr. Jianjun Shen and Ms. Shuhua Wang PA
Mr. Marc B. Vaccaro '81 and Mrs. Astrid G. van Zon '82
Mr. Julian R. Vulliez '88 and Mrs. Margaret Flood Vulliez '89
Mr. and Mrs. Adam A. Waldron CP
Mr. William B. Wigton '65
Mr. Jeffry S. Wineman '57
Mr. Robert M. Wood, Jr. '67
Mr. and Mrs. Merle E. Yoder CP
Ms. Alisanne Zoellner CP

Glen Brook Club ($1,000 - 1,906.99)
Anonymous ( 2 )
Mr. Anthony P. Addison '82
American Express Gift Matching Program
ARJCO Foundation LTD
Dr. Henry H. Bard, Jr. '41
Mr. John L. Baum '35
Mr. Arthur W. Beckert '69
Mr. George T. Beebe '61 PA
Ms. Megan Steck Berg '87 CP
Mr. Andrew S. Berkman '62
Mr. Barry B. Berkman '58
Berkshire Bank
Ms. Deborah A. Bernier CP
Mr. Arthur P. Bernstein and Ms. Patricia H. McCall CP
Mr. Francis A. Blair '94
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Bliven CP
Mr. Russell D. Boardman '71
Mr. Murray G. Bodine '74
Ms. Cynthia L. Bolton CP
Mr. Jeffrey A. Borghesi '69
Mr. Eric H. Bowen '65
Mr. Matthew B. Brand '88
Mr. James H. Brandi
Mr. Charles A. Brown '91
Mr. Peter C. Browning '59
Mr. and Mrs. Robin B. Brownrigg CP
Mr. Arnold J. Burton '36
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Carey CP
The Carroll & Percy Klingenstein Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Nancy D. Clifford and Mr. John S. Clifford CP
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cohen PA
The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Coven II GP
Mr. Samuel N. Crawford '65
Mrs. Judy M. Darville and Mr. Stanley R. Darville CP
Mr. Charles R. Delamater '70
The Denver Foundation
Ms. Patricia C. Dominick GP
The Donnelley Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Doyle, Sr. '49 GP
Mr. John P. Duffy
Mr. John S. Edack '72
Ms. M. Katherine Ekstrom
Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts, Inc.
Mr. Christopher Flower '59
Mr. Edward J. Foley III
Mr. and Mrs. H. Andrew Fox CP
Mr. John K. Fretz '91
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Fuller CP
Mr. and Mrs. R. Robert Funderburg, Jr. '80
Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Gahagan CP
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gary CP
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Gerstenfeld CP
Mr. Michael T. Gibbons '85
Mr. Alan N. Gnutti '68
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Goldstein PA
Mr. Daniel M. Goodyear '56 PA
Mr. Ulrich H. Grosser and Mrs. Gabriele M. Nass-Grosser CP
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gubernick CP
Mr. and Mrs. S. Matthews V. Hamilton, Jr. PA
Mr. Morris C. Hancock '70
Mr. David T. Harris, Jr. '68
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hawkins CP
Hazy Hill Foundation
Ms. Charlotte B. Heartt
Mr. and Mrs. James B. G. Hearty PA
Henrion Family Charitable Fund of The Dallas Foundation
Mr. Erik F. Herman '85
Mr. Michael A. Herman '82
Ms. Barbara Ho '75
Mr. Patrick W. E. Hodgson '58
Hooper Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Irwin '79
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jennings '48 PA
Mr. William M. Johnson, Jr. '37 PA
Mr. Jinwook Jung and Mrs. Chunsoon Kim CP
The Karen K and R. James Irwin Fund
James Coulter Scala Charitable Fund
Mr. Winthrop D. Johnson '66
Mr. and Mrs. Morris W. Kellogg
Mr. Robert S. Kieve '39
Kieve Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kilmurray PA
Mr. Frederick P. King '70
Mr. William B. King '89
Mr. William Kirtz '57
Mr. Edwin G. Klinck '54
Mr. Christopher S. Klingenstein '94
Mr. William P. Klingenstein '61
Mr. W. Bruce Kueffner '64
The Larry and Jane Scheinfeld Foundation
Prof. Choon T. Lee and Mrs. Myung A. Yun CP
Mr. Mathew J. Levine and Dr. Sara R. Pasternak CP
Mr. E. Anthony Manthos '56
Ms. Nichole L. Marks '96
Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. McCarthy CP PA
Mr. David R. McShane
Mr. John K. Means '71
Ms. Withrow W. Meeker GP
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Menges CP
Mr. Paul T. Miller and Ms. Andrea Milley PA
Ms. Judith Miskell GP
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Morrow CP
Mr. Charles M. Murdock '71
Mr. and Mrs. Latham W. Murfey III '68 PA
Mr. Williamson Murray '59
Mr. William P. Murtagh, Jr. '70
Mr. Yosuke Nakayama '05
Mr. Jon C. Nicolazzo '90
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Noesen CP
Ms. K. Marcy Nolan
Mr. David M. O'Neill '74
Mrs. Evelyn M. O'Neill GP
Mr. Michael F. O'Neill '91
Ms. Vitaline O'Toole GP
Mr. Leigh W. Otzen '94
Otzen Family Foundation
Mr. Mitchel G. Overbye '79
Mr. Glenn R. Partridge '72
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Pelkey CP
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Pfefferle CP
Mr. E. Wilbur Rice '66 PA
The Richard S. Klingenstein Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Richardson CP PA
Mr. Guy R. Riegel '76
Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Roberto PA
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
The Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Ryan CP
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sackman GP
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Salvatore
The Samantha Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Sasco Foundation
Mr. Greg H. Scheinfeld '00
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Schoellkopf V '56 PA
The Shaker Family Donor Advised Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Todd E. Shatkin CP
Mr. and Ms. James P. Sheldon-Dean '69 PA
Society for Science & the Public
Mr. Stephen V. R. Spaulding III '55
Ms. Nancy E. Steiner CP
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stookey
Mrs. Syarifa N. A. Swastono CP
Mr. Vernon F. Taylor III '66 PA
Mr. Robert T. Thompson '72
Todd E. Shatkin, D.D.S.
Tompkins Enterprises
Tortimaki Foundation
Count Raymond N. Tuller III '66
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Turner PA
Unum Group
Ms. Amy E. Upjohn and Mr. Bradley E. VandenBerg PA
Mrs. Marilyn L. van Laer GP
Mr. and Mrs. P. Errett Van Nice '88
Van Nice Foundation
Dr. Veit J. Wasserfuhr '86
Mr. Stephen J. Weiss '81
Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Wenzell PA GP
Mr. Corydon M. Wheat '61
Wicks Chapin Inc. (Foley Family Foundation)
Mr. R. Richard Wieland II '63
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Wood, Jr. '68
Wood Family Foundation
Mrs. Elizabeth Steck Wright '90
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Yorke, Sr. CP

Buck Valley Club ($500 - $999.99)
Addison County Commission Sales, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Alden, Jr. FAC/ST
Mr. Eugene L. Amber '40 PA
Mr. Roger Arjoon
Dr. Armen T. Babigian and Dr. Laurie M. Slotnick CP PA
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Baker PA
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Balch '51 PA
Mrs. Caroline Weil Barnett '76
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Benfield GP
Mrs. Shelley A. Bergman CP
Mr. Benjamin E. Billings, Jr. '57
Ms. Aimee B. Blanchard '86
Mr. Eric S. Blumencranz '83
Mr. Joseph D. Bodak, Jr. '60
Mr. Ramon D. Bordas and Mrs. Isabel M. Estany CP PA
Mrs. Susan L. Bouma PA
Mrs. Megan McDonnell Boyle '86
Major Peter W. Brandrup '90
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Brooks '67 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bullard PA
Mr. Christopher J. Buonomo '08
Mr. Thomas Buonomo and Dr. Carol L. Buonomo PA
Mr. Kenneth J. Burgess and Ms. Kim A. Kaznowski CP
Mrs. Pamela Burke PA GP
C.M. Stauffer Insurance Agency
Cain, Hibbard, & Myers, PC
Mr. Dean M. Cinkala '80
Mr. Anthony S. Clifford '86
Mr. John G. Cluett '53
The Reverend Richard I. Cluett, Jr. '61
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coven CP
Mr. George S. Coyne II '71
Mr. William B. Crane '56
Mr. Bennett C. Creed III '71
Dr. C. Russell de Burlo, Jr.
Mr. Philip S. Deely '65
The Deely Professional Development Fund
Mr. David H. Deming '71
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Demmon GP
Douglas D. Drbal and Elizabeth White Drbal
Mrs. Nancy H. Duryee-Aas PA
Mrs. Linda A. Dutcher
Dr. Eric H. Elowitz and Dr. Barbara L. ElowitzCP
Mr. Jerome C. Eppler '42
Mr. Allan C. Eustis '66
F M Media Co.
Mr. Robert B. Field, Jr. '60
Mr. and Mrs. Carey D. Fiertz CP
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Flicker PA
Mr. Robert J. Fraiman, Jr. CP
Robert J. Fraiman Charitable Fund
The Fredericka V. Slingerland Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Friedman '80 CP
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gates GP
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Gee PA
Dr. Michael D. Grant, M.D. '70
Mrs. Catherine Weidinger Gruhler '96
Miss Sally Halliday PA
Ms. Erin Yoffe Halper '97
Mrs. Carolee R. Harrigan and Mr. Timothy J. Harrigan CP PA FAC/ST
Mr. John F. Herger '74
Herger3 Inc.
Hopkins & Carley
Mr. Richard M. Hopper '59
Mr. Jeffrey M. Horton '86 and Mrs. Susan Tiemeyer Horton '86
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Hughes PA
Mr. Thomas R. Hunter '05
Hunter Family Foundation
The I.W. Foundation
Mr. Michael J. Jiambalvo CP
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen & Christy M. Kaczmarek '85
Mr. Werner D. Kehl '84
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kelly III CP
Mr. and Mrs. William A. King GP
Mrs. Monique Knowlton PA GP
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Koskinen PA
Dr. Elizabeth D. Kulas, Ph.D. '86
Mr. William L. Lafferty, Jr. '49
Mr. James W. Leenhouts '47
Mrs. Katherine Stringham-Leveque '93
Ms. Judith S. Levi and Mr. Mark Levi
Mr. Frank J. Mann, Jr. '80
Ms. Molly C. Martinecz '06
Mr. Matthew J. Mattson '92
Mr. Thomas A. Mattson, Jr. '94
Mr. David D. McChesney '66
Mr. Samuel A. McClung III '38
Mrs. Sally McCracken
Mrs. Aramie Dimm McDonald '93
Mr. D. Scott McGregor '79
Mr. and Mrs. C. Russell McKee PA
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McMillan III CP
Dr. Norman W. Merrill and Mrs. Jeanne W. Merrill PA FAC/ST
Michael Renzi Painting Co.
Mr. Robert L. Millham '57
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Morgan CP
Mrs. Lucia Q. Mulder and Mr. Pieter M. Mulder FAC/ST
N.C.J. Properties LLC
Mr. David H. Neal '76
New York Community Trust
Mr. Samuel Q. Nichols '58 PA
Mr. Thomas J. Nolan III '67
Mrs. Anne K. Nolon and Mr. John R. Nolon
Ocean Reef Foundation
Lance and Patsy Odden
Mr. Frederick L. Pabst '64
Mr. Bradford E. Parker '72
Ms. Kirsten Peckerman GP
Ms. Jane C. Piatelli PA FAC/ST
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Pierce PA
Fenn Putman
Dr. David F. Pyle '60
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Pyle CP
Mr. Thomas R. Quick '63
Mr. Douglas B. Reed '66
Mrs. John Shedd Reed PA
Reed Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Renzi, Sr. CP
Ms. Stephanie Resnick '77
Miss Eleanor W. Rines '06
Mr. C. Bruce Roehrig '59
Mr. and Mrs. Hawley Rogers '56
Mr. David T. Rondeau '78
Mr. Christopher C. Ruggles '87
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Scala PA
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Schink CP
Mr. W. Thomas Schnurr '85 and Ms. Megan Cantini Schnurr '84
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Schopp '79
Mr. Thomas F. Seamans '51
Mr. Bruce P. Shields '57 PA
Mr. Torkis M. Simandjuntak '85
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slingerland PA
Mr. Duncan R. Smith '67
Mr. Curt V. Solomon '91
Mr. William F. Spalding '65 PA
Mr. H. Todd Spofford '60 PA
Stephane Yulita and Inge Kadon Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Stephens GP
Mr. Manson C. Surdam '65
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Sweeney CP
Mr. Grant Van Sant '55 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Veronesi '80 PA
Ms. Tatum E. Vittengl '96
Miss Jane B. Walker '03
Mr. Apichart Wanglee '88
Mr. John W. Watkins, Jr. '06
John and Marcia Wilkinson PA
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wisnowski CP
Ms. Wendy G. Wyckoff '85

Sugar House Club ($250 - 499.99)
Anonymous ( 1 )
Dr. Robert L. Adeson '48
Ms. Macy H. Allatt McGinness '93
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Alper CP
Mr. Peter R. Alternative '86
Ms. Kennedy L. Alvarez '14
Dr. Nicole A. Anderson '87
Mr. Robert M. Anderson '61
Mr. Wayne W. Andrews '75
Mr. Neil M. Bernstein and Dr. Julie B. Schwartzbard CP
Mr. Miles G. Blakeslee, Jr. '48 PA
Mr. William B. Boardman '50
Mrs. Anja Hennerkes Boettinger '89
Mr. William A. Borders III '88
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bradley II PA
The Bridgewater Fund, Inc.
Mr. James F. Britt '68
Mrs. Joan S. Brooks PA GP
Mr. Kevin J. Bruemmer '71
Mr. Robert H. Brust, Jr. '85
Mrs. Marjorie A. Burns
Mr. and Ms. Andrew F. Buteux PA
Ms. Erika Butler PA
Mr. Christopher F. Calger '83
Catskill Mountain Brewery Co. Inc.
Mr. Michael A. Cerussi '97
Chevron Matching Gift Program
Mr. Paul W. Clark and Ms. Carol R. Parrish PA
Ms. Natalie Bradley Clarke '90
Mr. William Clough and Mrs. Nannie Clough FAC/ST
Mr. Harold K. Cohen '54
Mr. James L. Cohen '57
Mr. and Ms. David E. Connolly CP
Ms. Donna M. Conway CP PA
Ms. Marjorie M. Crowley '06
Mr. William D. Dana, Jr.
Mr. E. Timothy Danahy III '67 PA
Ms. Maureen A. Danisi CP
Mr. Phillip T. Davidson '43
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davidson CP
Mrs. F. Tracy Wenzell Davlin '86
Mr. James L. Deming '73
Mr. Morgan J. Dennehy '85
Mr. John V. Doggett '63 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Donnelley II PA GP
Mr. Robert A. Draizen '80
Mr. Abram W. Duryee III '92
Mrs. Deborah Crispin Duryee '92
Mr. Christopher A. Eddings '67
Mr. Gordon R. Ewing, Jr. '70
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Feinstein PA
Mrs. Helen E. Ferguson GP
Mr. Fred B. Finley '64 PA
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Florence CP
Mr. Kenneth Z. Fox '60
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fox GP
Mr. Donald P. Freedman
Ms. Marie-Louise Fulweiler
Ms. Nicole K. Fusaro '92
Mr. Louis N. Gardella CP
Mr. Oliver J. Geiger '53
Mr. Paul F. Gilligan '75
Mr. Rafael Gimenez-Valdes and Mrs. Carmen Paramo CP
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Groom PA
Mrs. Jessica Lee Guten '94
Mr. Michael D. Gutenplan '99
Mr. Crawford C. Hamilton '07
Mr. Edward B. Harris III '85
Mr. John N. Harris, Jr. '82
Mr. Dirck D. Harrison '44A
Mr. W. Ross Hawkins and Mrs. Joyce M. Hawkins PA
Ms. Jie He CP
Mrs. Whitley Bouma Herbert '92
Mr. John L. Hermans '69 PA
Mr. Thomas Hewes II '66
Mrs. Ann J. Holmes and Mr. Peter Holmes PA
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Horner, Sr. PA
Ms. Penny Hudnut Hon. '61 FAC/ST and Mr. Stephen Schoenfeld
Mr. Gordon L. Hunt '69
Mr. Robert P. Hutter '84
Hutter Family Foundation
Ms. Pamela H. Ivey PA
Mrs. Paige Robertson Jasaitis '91
Mr. Dirk A. Johns '86 and Ms. Jennifer Hayes Johns '86
Mr. Jeffrey W. Jones '66
Ms. Kari Lyn Jones-Sabin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Kahn CP
Mr. Paul D. Kaplan '52
Ms. Gabrielle Kardon '86
Mr. John P. Kendall '73
Dr. William E. Knight '56
Mr. Robert E. Krebs, Jr. '89
Ms. Blair S. Kurtz '00
Mr. Michael M. Kutzer '11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kutzer CP
Ms. Julie A. Lemire '96
Mr. Steven M. Lewers and Mrs. Katrina Kenison Lewers CP
Mr. and Mrs. Troy F. D. Lewis CP
The Lewis M. and Esther Perlstein Family Foundation
Mr. James E. Lyle '58
Mahaiwe Tent
Mr. Jeffrey A. Masters '68
Mr. Harvey McChesney III '65
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McNally CP
Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer PA
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Miller CP
Mrs. Livia Curti Morjikian '83
Mr. Daniel K. Morris '98
Moser Pilon Nelson Architects
Mr. Mark R. Murdock '74
Mr. Alexei R. Nabarro '01
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Casey Neff PA
Mr. A. Stephen Nelson '63
Ms. Beth Alport-Notowitz '92
Mr. Gerald B. O'Connor '46
Mr. Jonathan O'Herron
Dr. Michael G. Palladino and Reverend Rosemarie A. Palladino CP
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan H. Perkins CP
Mr. Albert J. Phillips, Jr. '53
Mr. Peter L. Post '68
Ms. Heather M. Prescott
Mrs. Joelle Metzger-Ragland '90
Mr. Sunil Rajan '80
Mr. Perry D. Rianhard '59
Mr. Thomas D. Richardson '44C
Mr. David B. Ring '73
Jean Berube and Suzanne Ringuet Berube GP
Roche Diagnostics Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Herbert G. Roskind, Jr. '53
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Ross CP
Ms. Marcia C. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Scala CP PA
Dr. Lewis I. Schainuck '53
Mr. Timothy P. Schieffelin '73
Mr. Eric Schmidt '60
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Schopp '83 CP
Mr. Lothar M. Schultz and Mrs. Katharina A. Krause CP
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schwartzbard GP
Mr. Scott R. Senior '87
Mr. Albert K. Sherman, Jr. '62
Mr. James D. Sinkoff and Ms. Sarah Hildebrandt CP
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sinsigalli CP PA
Mr. Brooks K. Slocum '81
Mr. Ronald C. Soldati
Mr. Sparry W. Sparks '49
Dr. Oliver S. Springer '88
Mrs. Eleanor Stewart PA
Mrs. Carolyn Balch Streett '83
Mrs. Tobey Dorschel Stultz '93
Mr. Joseph H. Sugden, Jr. '58
Target Corporation
Ms. Margaret R. Taylor PA FAC/ST
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Thibault CP
Mr. David C. Thompson '47
Mr. Alexander L. Thomson '73
Ms. Jennifer W. Tost '90
Mr. Bradford S. Tripp '52
Mr. Stephen K. Urner, Jr. '55
Mr. Dale A. Van Ort '58
Mr. Richard J. Van Ort '61
The Family of Claude Vanden Broeck PA *
Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Vassallo CP
Mr. F. B. Wadelton III '61
Mr. Lance M. Walsh '75
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Walther CP
Ms. Emily Warner FAC/ST
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. John A. West PA  
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey West CP
Mr. W. Chattin Wetherill '63
Mr. Loren C. White, Jr. '56
Mr. Jeffrey D. Whitestone '70
Mr. Stephen Williams '60
Mr. Kyle N. Williamson '83
Ms. Deborah Lapin Wright '86
Mr. and Mrs. Marc P. Wysocki FAC/ST
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Young III PA
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Zahn CP PA

Undermountain Club ($100 - $249.99)
Anonymous ( 5 )
Ms. Samantha Goldfinger Abdulla '96
Mr. Rodney W. Agar '55
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Ahrens CP
Mr. George F. Akel III '87
Mrs. Sally Cohen Alameno '82
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Allen CP
Lee T. Allen and John Allen
Mrs. Aisha G. Al-Muid and Mr. Isa Al-Muid CP
Mr. Richard Aloisi
Mrs. Laura S. Altman and Mr. Richard Altman PA FAC/ST
Mr. Christopher M. Ames '65
Mr. Charles P. Ancona '59
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Appel PA
Ms. Cameron R. Ashworth '08
Mrs. Margaret Hayes Aspinwall '93
Ms. Julia F. Averett Peet GP
Mr. Severance Babcock '63
Basically Baked
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Baker PA
Mr. Thomas S. Balch '77
Mr. and Mrs. Corey W. Ballaban PA
Mr. and Mrs. William Banning CP
Barnbrook Realty Corporation
Mr. Timothy F. Beard '49
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Behring CP
Mrs. William J. Benedict GP
Ms. Abiola F. Benjamin PA
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Benson '75
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Berg GP
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Berry '53
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Biber Hon.'97 PA
Mr. James H. Biggart, Jr. '70
Count William Bradford Blaicher '92
Mr. Bruce F. Blaisdell '64
Ms. Frances Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Blanchard PA
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Blumencranz PA
Ms. Brandy H. Blynn '91
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Boltz CP
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bonnette PA
Mr. H. William Borntraeger III '64
Mrs. Ingrid van Zon Borwick '83 CP
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Borwick '81 CP
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Bostwick, Jr. GP
Ms. Stephanie Bowman
Mr. Richard H. Bradley '60
Mr. Christopher C. Brand '85
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn D. Brazo CP
Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Bredenfoerder PA
Mr. Richard P. Breed III '67
Mr. Patrick J. Brett
Mr. Peter M. Brett '90
Ms. Kristi S. Broff Knecht '89
Mr. Kelly Brown CP
Ms. Abigail M. Bullard '03
Mr. Lyman G. Bullard, Jr. '73
Mr. and Mrs. William Bullock, Jr. GP
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Burgess GP
Mrs. Merle Burlin GP
Ms. Samantha Burns '89
Mrs. Jane Cabot CP
Ms. Katherine F. Cahill '08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Campbell PA
Mr. Jack S. Caplan '51
Sue Cook '81 *
Catamount Development Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Lo-Yi Chan
Ms. Charlotte Chess
Mr. George Church III '48
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Cifrino CP
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Cloud PA
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Clough III
Mr. Peter D. Coddington '64
Mr. Harry M. Cohen '88
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cole, Jr. PA
Mr. Leland M. Cole '53
Mr. Richard M. Cole '44C  
Mr. R. Kimbel Colket '57
Mr. Richard V. Colligan '70
Mrs. Cheryl Vermeulen Collins '74
Mr. Abbott C. Combes III PA
Mr. Richard T. Conly '91
Mr. George W. Connell, Jr. CP PA
Mr. David Connolly '68
Miss Christa L. Consolini '96
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Consolini '56 PA
Mr. Laurence G. Constable '91
Ms. Lindsey Fielder Cook '81
Mr. Bernard Copstein GP
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cordier CP
Mr. Thomas W. Corwin '58
Mr. David G. Cox '68
Mr. Daniel C. M. Crabbe '56 PA
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Cranshaw PA
Mr. Lawrence G. Crawford '69
Mr. and Mrs. G. Alexander Creighton '59
Mr. Benjamin S. Cross '91
Mr. Matthew G. Crowson '05
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Curtis PA
Mr. and Mrs. Saiid M. Daemi CP PA
Mr. Benjamin Davenport '49
Mr. Henry R. Davis III '62
Mr. Delano de Windt II '62
Mr. William M. Dean '40 PA
Mrs. Elisabeth Goldberg Deitz and Mr. Scott Deitz '80
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick A. DelGrande PA
Mr. and Mrs. Keith T. Ives FAC/ST
Mr. Brian J. Demers and Ms. Judith R. Safian CP
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Demers GP
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Dempsey CP
Mr. Alexander G. Dick '99
Dick Flood Educational Services, LLC
Mr. Robert E. Dillon GP
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Dillon CP
Ms. Pia L. Dimm '97
Mr. John B. Doan '52
Mr. Taylor B. Doggett '90
Mr. John W. Dolby '59
Domaney's Liquors Fine Foods, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Donahue '72 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Driscoll CP FAC/ST
Mr. David A. Dufault, Jr. '89
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dary Dunham PA FAC/ST
Mr. Adam J. Dunn '07
Mr. Noah G. O. Dunn '10
Mr. P. Bayard duPont '70
Mr. Peter B. Durkee '71
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dwyer, Sr. PA
Dr. Patricia M. Dyer PA
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Eagan CP
Ms. Jennifer Edelman Crine '79 FAC/ST
Tal and Molly Edman
Mr. David S. Edson '60
Mr. Peter J. Ehrlich '86
Mr. Mark A. Eidlin '84
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton G. Eldredge, Jr. PA
Mr. Richard H. Elias '59
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ellerton '81
Mrs. Holly Harwood Ellerton '81
Mr. Charles K. Elliott, Jr. '50 PA
Mr. Victor Elting IV '84
Mr. Monroe B. England '49
The Honorable Joseph A. Esquirol, Jr. '50
Mrs. Judith S. Everett GP
Mr. Scott M. Falso '88
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Farley CP
Ms. Catherine Farrell and Mr. Paul J. Farrell
Mr. David H. Fawcett '61
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fein
Ms. Marilyn Fellman GP
Mr. Daniel L. Ferrell CP
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Fersen CP
Mr. James L. Fiedler '64
Mrs. Anne Brockie Fields '81
Mr. and Mrs. Alden L. Fiertz GP
Mr. Peter S. Finlay '43
Mrs. Anna Donahue Fiske '00
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Flood, Jr.
Ms. Sharon Forbes CP
Ms. Sharon P. Fortenbaugh CP
Dr. and Mrs. William Fortenbaugh GP
Mr. and Mrs. George Fowlkes GP
Mr. Ashley Fox '85
Mr. Matthew S. Fox '81
Mrs. Jennifer Fox Harnett '81 and Mr. Andrew K. Harnett PA
Mr. George G. Francis '60
Mr. and Mrs. Brad R. Freitag PA
Mr. Thomas W. Funkhouser '86
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Funkhouser PA
Mr. Anthony R. Gabriel GP
Mrs. Lois R. Gallea GP
Obdulia L. Garcia GP
Dr. John H. Gardner '49
Mrs. Jennifer Stringham Gaudron '94
Ms. Sarah Gayer
Mr. Ethan R. Gee '92
Mrs. Sylvia Geer
Mr. and Mrs. William H. George PA
Mr. Joe Geraci
Mr. Frank A. Ghi and Mrs. Barbara J. Ghi CP
Mrs. Danielle Paquette Gibbons '91
Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Ginsberg PA
Ms. Alexandra H. Glover CP
Mr. Aaron W. Godfrey PA
Mr. Jacob J. Goldberg '10
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Goldberg PA
Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Goldberg PA
Mr. Henry Goldman III '51
Mr. A. Drew Goldman '89
Mr. Henry M. Goodyear, Jr. '46
Mr. Scott M. Gordon '99
Mr. Leonard A. Grace '61
Mr. David R. Grant '86
Mr. J. Peter Gratiot '39 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Gray PA
Colonel Melvin G. Grover, Jr. '61
Mr. Robert J. Habacker '58
Mr. and Mrs. Mims Hackett, Jr. GP
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hagerty CP
Mr. Ralph M. Hall '57
Mr. and Mrs. F. Woodson Hancock III '67 PA
Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hanson GP
Barbara Hanson
Mr. David G. Hanson '71
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Harff GP
Dr. Kristina M. Harff CP
Ms. Amanda M. Harrington CP
Mrs. Louise Ward Harris '77
Mr. Loy J. Harris '78
Mr. Joseph C. Hartman '78
Mr. Kevin Hartmann and Mrs. Lisa A. Cooper CP
Mr. Stephen H. Hassett '76 and Mrs. Jean Pichey Fontaine '76
The Harvey Hubbell Foundation
Dr. Marc H. Harwitt '63
Mr. W. Scott Harwood '82
Mr. Dwight D. Hatcher II '66
Mr. Gordon M. Hayes, Jr. '67
Mr. Patrick T. Healey '65
Mr. Henry O. Heaphy '61
Mr. Craig Hecker '45
Mrs. Susanne Leeman Heim '86
Mr. and Mrs. G. William Helm, Jr.
Mr. Andrew R. Herrick '85
Mr. G. Carlton Hill, Jr. '49
Mr. Peter C. Hill and Ms. Tara M. Cafiero CP
Mr. Prescott C. Hill '85
Mr. Peter L. Hoffman '78
Ms. Carol L. Hoffman Matzke
Mrs. Sharon K. Holladay PA
Mr. John P. Holton '65
Mrs. L. Nelson Hopkins, Jr. GP
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Horstmann CP
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Houseman PA
Mr. Brian S. Howerton CP
Mrs. A.R. Hoxton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hubbard GP
Mr. John Q. Hunsicker and Ms. Robin T. Hartwell CP
Mr. Edward H. Hunt '61 and Mrs. Frances M.T. Hunt PA
Mr. Joseph C. Hurlburt '56
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Ibrahim PA
Mr. Nicholas B. Ingham '91
The James and Martha Crowley Charitable Fund
Dr. Di Georg Janssen and Mrs. Doerte K. Janssen CP
Dr. Phillip Jarvis PA
Mr. Peter H. Jenckes '47
Ms. Michele J. Jenness and Mr. Michael E. Jenness
Mr. Tristam B. Johnson, Jr. '65
CDR Henry O. Johnson '73
Ms. Janise Johnson GP
Mr. Richard A. Johnston and Ms. Christina J. Hanley CP
Mr. David C. Jones '42
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter R. Judson '74
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kaier PA
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kaiser CP
Ms. Shannon L. Keating '92
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Keen PA
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Kernodle CP
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Kestner
Mr. Peter T. Kim '91
Ms. Garland Hill Kincaid '85
John and Judy Kittredge
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Knight CP
Mr. Hugh G. Knowlton '69 PA
Larry Koplik
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Koskey PA GP
Ms. Holly Murphy Kreisler '78
Mr. Nicholas C. Kunkler '09
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. LaBrecque PA
Mr. and Mrs. John A. LaCasse PA
Dr. Joseph P. Lalka and Ms. Teresa Ribadeneyra PA
Mr. Marcus O. Landon '41
Dr. Jeri M. Langham '61
Mr. Casey A. Larkins '07
Ms. Ximena Lascurain '13
Mr. Albert R. Laubenstein '66
Mr. Kong Seon Lee and Mrs. Hyun Joo Yang CP
Mr. Glen A. Leibowitz '83
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Leonard GP
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric W. Leukroth PA
Mr. Henry R. Leuthy, Jr. '62
Mr. Richard L. Levitt '75
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lewis GP
Mr. Michael F. Little '61
Mrs. Hilary A. Lockhart CP
Mr. Christopher W. Long '92
Mr. Walter D. Long, Jr. '88
Mr. Joseph P. Luciani and Mrs. Carole A. Bertuzzi-Luciani PA
Ms. Alena J. Luciani '09
Mr. Dante G. Luciani '04
Mr. Vincent Luciani '06
Ms. Connie N. Lui '92
Mr. Kevin Y. Lui '89
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Mabie
MacFarlane Office Products, Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Paul B. MacKenzie CP FAC/ST
Dr. Douglas J. Mackenzie '81
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. MacLellan GP
Mr. Douglas P. MacMillan '65
Mr. John A. Magee '63
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Magenis
Mr. David Magill
Mrs. Katherine King Mahan '96
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Maher GP
Ms. Dolores L. Majkowski GP
Dr. Stephen E. Malawista, M.D. '50
Mr. Stuart W. Marsh '62
Mr. Theron L. Marsh '65
Marsh & McLennan Co., Inc.
Mr. Samuel C. Martin '66
Mr. David P. Matthews '72
David and Denise McAdoo '67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McAdoo PA GP
Mr. Dean C. McChesney '67
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. McKay PA
Mr. Charles W. McKenna and Mrs. Charlene C. Montague-McKenna CP
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. McLinden GP
Mr. and Mrs. Willard C. McNitt III PA
Mr. Bert B. Meek III '69
Ms. Kelly E. Mehiel PA
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Menges GP
Mr. Matthew J. Merritt, Jr. GP
Mr. Stuart A. Miller '97 and Mrs. Kristina Thaute Miller '97 FAC/ST
Ms. Blair Gawthrop Miller '87
Mr. James H. Moffett CP
Mr. James W. Monell '59
Ms. Tiffany S. Mooney CP FAC/ST
Mr. Selvin Morales and Mrs. Aura M. Carrera CP
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Mueller PA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Murphy
Mr. Frederick W. Nagel, Jr. '61
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Nakashige GP
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. M. Nakashige PA
Mrs. Courtney Klopp Neifert '90
Dr. Peter B. Nelson '65
Mr. William S. Newlin, Jr. '47
Mr. Edmund H. Newton '61
Mr. Chuyen H. Ngo and Mrs. Hang T. Nguyen CP
Mrs. Allyson S. Nick CP PA
Mr. Thomas J. Nolan, Jr. PA
Ms. Susie H. Norris Epstein '79
Mr. John Nyombayire and Ms. Odette Mukabayija PA
Mr. Timothy N. O'Day '61 *
Mr. I. Gordon Odell '40
Dr. Malcolm J. Odell, Jr. '57
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Ogden III '68 PA
Mr. John W. Oldham, Jr. '60
Mr. James L. Olney '83
Mrs. Katherine Nichols Olney '85
Mrs. Judith A. Orlando PA
Mr. Bryan P. O'Sullivan '92
Ms. Julia W. Palmateer '03
Ms. Barbara Z. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Pelissier CP
Mr. Joshua M. Person '93
Mrs. Jean Pezza GP
Mr. John S. Phelan '73
Philips PACE
Pink Cloud Gallery
Ms. Leonisa G. Pino CP
Lt. Charles F. Plungis III '01
Mr. Thomas F. Pollak '69
Mr. Alfred W. Popkess '62
Mr. Todd J. Portnoff '89
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence H. Pratt
Mrs. Patricia M. Preston and Mr. Keith W. Clark CP
The Prudential Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Puffer CP
Mr. Peter F. Quilty and Ms. Cheryl A. Geerhold CP PA FAC/ST
Mr. Ivar C. Quindsland, Jr. '62
Mr. Jean Quintin and Mrs. Veronique Boussion CP
Mr. Robert Morgan Ralph '03
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sadler Ramsdell PA
H. Douglas and Lorraine Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Rawding CP
Mr. and Mrs. Seth C. Raynor CP
Raynor Enterprises
Mrs. Jessie Leonard Reid '77
Mr. John A. Rembish GP
Rhulen-Loughlin Families
Ms. Vicki H. Richards CP
Mr. Dakota M. Richardson '10
Mr. Peter B. Richardson '61
Mr. John T. Risley
Risley Sports Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rizzo PA
Mr. MacGregor Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rooney CP
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Roselli PA
Mr. and Mrs. Guy O. Rovezzi CP
Mr. John R. Roy '60
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Russo GP
Ms. Alma B. Ryan PA
Mr. Carter F. Sackman, Sr.
Mr. Lewis E. Sadler '55
Mr. Edward S. Samson '77
Ms. Yvette Samuel CP
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Santos
Dr. David W. Sauer '54
Mr. Stephen W. Sawyer '67
Ms. Ann H. Sayre
Mr. William E. Schluter, Jr. '71
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Schneider GP
Dr. Robert A. Schor '64
Mr. Frederick A. Schroeder, Jr. '57
Ms. Bernadette L. Session PA
Seward and Monde, CPA
Ms. Pearl Seymore
Mr. Charles K. Seymour II '66
Mr. Paul A. Scofield '86
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Shaw CP
Mr. Yuan Shen '10
Mr. David B. Sheppard, Jr. '85
Mr. Dudley D. Shotwell '85
Mr. Benjamin D. Shreve '61
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Shrubb CP
Mrs. Shelby Daub Simmons '96
Mr. Allan K. Simpson '53
Mr. and Mrs. Pooran Singh CP
Mr. Martin Sinkoff
Ms. Seline H. Skoug '80
Smith College Club of Cambridge Board of Directors
Ms. Elizabeth Shotwell Smith CP
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Smith FAC/ST
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Smith III PA
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Smythe PA
Snow Shoe Designs
Capt. John E. Snyder '43
Mr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Soule PA
Mr. Jan Spangfelt and Mrs. Marianne Kilnes CP
Ms. Suzanne M. Sperl '06
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Spink PA
Ms. Karina M. Srb '10
Mr. Ernest A. Stagg '57
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Stangeland
Mr. Charles E. Steber '63
Mr. Marvin Sterman '46
Mr. Thomas M. Stinson '71
Mrs. Cynthia A. Stringham-Smith '84
Mr. Michael J. Sullivan '84
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Sullivan PA
Mr. Edward D. Surjan and Mrs. Beverly J. Dahl FAC/ST
Mr. Leonard G. Swartz '50
Mr. Henry S. Switlik '06
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Talbot III CP PA
Mr. Thomas McK. Thomas '59
Mr. John A. Tompkins, Jr. '69
Mr. William C. Tost, Jr. PA
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Trotman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tufts PA
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Tweedy PA
Mr. Frederick C. Twichell '55
Mr. William Tynan '59
Dr. and Mrs. Fabian E. Udoh CP
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Ullman PA
United Technologies Matching Gift & Volunteer Grant Programs
Dr. Joseph Upton '62
Mr. Jim W. Vahey '51
Mr. John C. van Roden III '00
Dr. Gabriele van Zon PA GP
Mrs. Deborah Witsell Vivian '77
Mr. Justus B. von Lengerke '71
Mrs. Mary Brosnahan Wachter '85
Mrs. Corrine Kelley Wagner '75
Mr. Robert M. Wagner, Jr. '72
Mr. Michael S. Walker, Sr. '61
Mr. Howard B. Wallach '82
Mrs. Mary C. Walsh PA
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walsh GP
Walter and Judith Rhulen Family Foundation
Ms. Yan Wang CP
Ms. Lisa A. Wardell '79 and Mr. John F. Heissenbuttel CP
Mr. Harrison P. Warrener '61
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Watkins PA GP
Mr. John S. Wayne '69
Mr. David A. Weeks '83
Mr. David A. Weiner '86
Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Weiner PA
Mr. Alexander I. Wellek '61
Mr. Gordon T. Weller '70
Mr. Jeffrey G. Wexler '06
Mr. Ted M. White '77
Mrs. Mary R. White GP
Mr. Stephen G. Whitney '65 PA
Mrs. Beatrice G. Whitney PA GP
Mr. C. Richard Whittemore '50
Dr. George E. Whitwell '72
Mr. D'arcy J. Wiart '04
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice G. Wiart PA
Ms. Nicole Wiart '05
Dr. Geoffrey R. Wickwire '65
Mr. William G. Wigglesworth '63
Ms. Christine C. Wilder
Mr. L. Walker Willson, Jr. '66
Mr. David K. Wilson, Jr. '76
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Wilson III CP
Mr. R. Heggie Wilson, Jr. '73
Windflower Inn, Inc.
Mr. Robert J. Witkowski '66
Mr. Thomas P. Wolf '44C
Mr. Donald W. Wood '57 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Wright PA
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yaple
Mr. Bruce T. Young '74
Mrs. Frances T. Young PA
Mr. Peter V. Zimmer '64
Mr. Erik C. Zimmerman '86
Mr. Jon R. Zucker and Mrs. Erica R. Cohn CP
Mr. Stephen J. Zuckerman '61

Bear Club ($50 - $99.99)
Anonymous ( 2 )
Mr. David W. Adams '67
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Alibozek CP
Mr. Andrew D. Allen '89
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Allen
Stuart and Jocelyn Allen
Mr. Steven Altman '88
Mr. Jeffrey E. Anderson '87
Ms. Blanca E. Aviles CP
Mr. Walter U. Baker '74
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Barnes PA
Mrs. Ann B. Barrett PA
Mr. B. Theodore Batsch, Jr. '70
Mr. Myron Beldock and Ms. Karen Dippold PA
Mr. William R. Bellas, Jr.
Mr. Kirk S. Bennett '56
Mrs. Charlotte K. Bianchi PA
Mr. Blair F. Bigelow
Mr. Allan B. Bishop '55
Mr. Zachary A. Bitzonis '08
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Blair PA
Mr. William D. Blanchard '80
Ms. Jean Woolsey Borgman '84
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Bowman CP
Ms. Kelly A. Brennan '09
Mr. Charles B. H. Brey '10
Ms. Julie Rubinstein Bronder '97
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brown, Jr. '65 PA
Steven and Linda Brown
Mr. Stuart T. Brown '77
Mr. Russell C. Buchanan
Mr. William R. Bullard II '76
Mr. John C. Burditt '70
Mrs. Megan L. Burgess Korzeniecki CP
Mr. James M. Butler '04
Mr. Jason F. Butler '07
Ms. Elizabeth Byrnes Arnold PA
Mr. and Mrs. Ronn J. Cabaniol PA
Mrs. Mary-Elizabeth B. Carr PA
Mr. Matthew D. Casey '93
Mr. and Mrs. John Chernick GP
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Church '69
Mr. Evan Clary FAC/ST
Ms. Jacqueline E. Cloud '06
Mr. Frederick H. Clymer '66
Mrs. Ann H. Cohn
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Cohn
Dr. and Mrs. Edward B. Connolly GP
Mr. John P. Cox '64
Mr. Albert H. Crane III '61
Mr. James T. Dale '88
Mr. Philip J. Davis and Dr. Linda D. Mawhorter '69
Mrs. Anne Glaccum Debenham '88
Mr. Curtis M. Demers
Mr. John N. Dennis '52
Mr. Daniel R. Dillon
Ms. Anne-Marie Dion '11
Mr. Daniel R. Donaldson '59
Mr. Peter T. Doss '01
Mr. Charles A. DuCharme III '58 PA
Ms. Pauline Durant GP
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Durfee, Sr.
Mr. Christopher E. Durning '78
Mr. Graham C. Duryee
Ms. Lauren A. Duryee '90
Mrs. Laura Wolf Dysart '87
Mr. Peter C. Edmunds '94
Ms. Lola E. Edwards PA
Mr. Rudi C. Ehrlich '92
Ms. Barbara A. English GP
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Feeley CP
Mr. John P. Field '65
Mr. Brendan R. Fisher '95
Mr. and Mrs. Roland J. Flacco PA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fox PA
Ms. Ellen Murphy Freeman '76
Mr. Matthew E. Freeman '88
Mrs. Mariah Read Gaffigan '83
Mr. Christopher B. Garis '06
Ms. Laoma Gerike
Ms. Ashley Schreiber Ghriskey '94
Mr. Patrick C. Gilkes '88
Ms. Lauren I. Ginsberg '06
Mr. Peter H. L. Goodspeed, Jr. '42 *
Mr. Moritz P. Grosser '11
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Gulotta PA
Mr. Daniel S. Gulotta '99
Mr. Xiao Rui Guo '10
Jerry and Roldah Haeckel
Mr. Devens H. Hamlen PA
Mrs. Margery M. Hamlen PA
Mr. Parker D. Handy '44C
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hansen PA
Mr. Douglas G. Hanslip '79
Mr. John P. Harkrader, Jr. PA
Ms. Emily J. Harrigan '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Harrigan
Mr. David K. Hawkes '67
Ms. Michelle Helderman '08
Mr. John C. Helming '59
Mr. James C. Heneghan '82
Mr. John-Paul L. Herdeg '02
Mr. Richard B. Herrington '91
Mr. Hugh B. Hessler, Jr. '50
Mrs. Charlotte Adams Higgins '88
Ms. Betsy P. Houseman '02
J Borgman & Associates Inc
Ms. Maha Jaber CP
Ms. Rebecca M. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Jander PA
Mr. Peter N. Jennings '78
Mr. C. Nicholas Johnson '72
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Johnson CP
Mr. Nicholas T. Judson '93
Mr. Peter M. Karic PA
Kelley Wagner Charitable Trust
Mr. David W. Kellogg '72
Mr. Peter J. Kinne and Mrs. Lynn A. Kinne PA FAC/ST
Ms. Sarah A. Kinne '08
Mr. Shane G. Knapp '05
Mr. Herbert G. Koehler '56
Mr. Tomonari L. Kuromatsu '98
Mr. and Mrs. Delos W. Lander GP
Law Office of Kurt Terwilliger
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Leckie '68
Lee Audio ' N Security, Inc.
Mr. Lewis S. Lerman '73
Ms. Alexandra Lesser '05
Mrs. Susan Gifford Lewis '76
Mr. Wyndham R. Lewis '87
Mr. and Mrs. Einar Lindholm GP
Mr. Connor M. Lines '04
Mr. David S. Loudon '84
Ms. Bonita J. Lovison and Mr. Richard L. Lovison FAC/ST
Dr. John O. Lusins III '92
Mr. Philip C. Mahler '88
Mr. R. David Mahler '61
Mr. Thomas T. Maiden '88
Mr. Robert M. Markiewicz PA
Mr. Myles R. Marks '88
Mr. Alan B. Maurer '61
Mrs. Gerald M. Mayer, Jr. GP
Ms. Carol H. Maynard
Mr. James C. McCurrach, Jr. '53 PA
Mr. Robert G. Meade and Ms. Anna Romano PA FAC/ST
Mr. John H. Mesevage and Ms. Caroline C. Geisler PA
Mr. David Michaelis
Mr. Joseph Middelburg PA
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Miller, Jr. PA
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Morrison GP
Mr. John S. Mullaly '87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mustard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Nash '67 PA
Mr. Holden A. Neff '07
Mr. Phillip A. Nelson '61
Ms. Gloria S. Neuwirth
Mr. Ludlow F. North '78
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. O'Hara IV '70 PA
Mr. David O. O'Hara '69
Mr. Justin E. Orgel '99
Mr. Felipe Ortiz-Monasterio and Mrs. Gabriela Borbolla CP PA
Mr. William M. Parke III '61
Mrs. Deborah Fries Pedraza
Mr. Herbert G. Pelissier GP
Peter Becks Village Store
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peters PA
Ms. Christina M. Petersen '74
Mr. Andrew M. Power '65
Dr. and Mrs. Blake D. Prescott, Jr. PA GP
Mr. Colin C. Puth '10
Mrs. Mary A. Putnam PA
Ms. Donna M. Qualters
Mr. Norris Rabb and Mrs. Debra T. Logan-Rabb CP
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Ramsay CP
Mr. Charles H. Ray '40
Mr. and Mrs. Preston C. Raynor GP
Mr. Jeffrey W. Reebie '71
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Reichart '98
Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Reichart III '64 PA
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Richardson GP
Mrs. Myra F. Riiska and Mr. Todd S. Riiska FAC/ST
Mrs. Cynthia D. Rockwell and Mr. Richard F. Rockwell PA
Mr. Samuel F. Rockwell '87
Mr. Benjamin J. Rosin '58
Mr. Bernard A. Ross CP
Ms. Cynthia Rowe GP
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Russell PA
Mr. Richard C. Sanford
Ms. Laura A. Scala '05
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Schneider PA
Mrs. Susan Alman Schneider '76
Mr. Arthur W. Schwartz, Jr. '88
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Semelmacher PA
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Settimelli & Family
Mrs. Mary Jane Anderson Shannon '71
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Sheldon PA
Ms. Hannah M. Sheldon-Dean '06
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Sienkiewicz
Dr. and Mrs. Parker A. Small, Jr.
Mr. Logan F. Smyth '05
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Soden FAC/ST
Dr. and Mrs. Joel D. Sokoloff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Stephan
Mr. William C. Stern '04
Mr. John S. Sutphen '37
Mr. David C. Swanwick '88
Mrs. Alexis Beall Taylor '94
Mr. Kurt W. Terwilliger '72
Mr. Paul J. Theriault '95
Mr. David W. Thorp '55
Mr. Jeffrey E. Tillou '88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Torney PA
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Tosi
Mr. David Utz and Ms. Bond K. Koga CP
Verizon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Wachter PA
Mr. Robert M. Wagner, Jr. '72 and Mrs. Corrine Kelley Wagner '75
Mr. Kevin V. Walden '75
Mr. Sydney R. Waldman '77
Mr. Robert L. Walsh '51
Mr. Matthew M. Ward '10
Mr. James D. Watt, Jr. '88
Mrs. Dawn Henry Webber '83
Mr. David M. Weiss '74
Mr. Stephen L. Weiman '76
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wieczorek
Mr. Jonathan L. Wienner '08
Jim and Connie Worcester
Ms. Christie S. Young '78
Brig. General Allan R. Zenowitz '47
Berkshire School

245 North Undermountain Road
 |  Sheffield, MA 01257
 |  T: 413 229 8511

Berkshire School is a co-ed, New England college preparatory boarding and day school offering a rigorous academic course of study in the northeast United States. Our campus, located in Massachusetts, has state-of-the-art academic, artistic and athletic facilities on a stunning 400-acre campus in the Berkshires.

Berkshire School received 5 out of 5 stars from over 3 Google reviews.

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