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Lots of Red Paint

The second set build took place on Saturday, October 23. It was extremely productive and involved a lot of red paint. We had lots help from family this weekend with my dad, Mr. Butler, Mr. Rhodes, both of Liz Butler’s sisters Bea and Margret, and James Steiner’s brother Matt all coming to help out. We successfully finished the construction of a huge ramp and an 6’ platform. (It feels a lot higher when you’re standing on it than it looks.) We also completed an off-stage exit from the platform and a large elevator. In addition, we painted the elevator, the bottom of the ramp, and the sliding door that goes in front of the elevator. Plus, we hung a pipe from the light grid. We also hung a scrim, which is a type of curtain that will make the lights look great. I worked mostly on painting the outside of the elevator with Jake Diamond, our stage manager, and then painting the beams beneath the platform. By the end of the day, most of us were pretty much covered in red paint. After stepping back at the end of the day and taking in the full effect of what we had done, everyone was excited because it just looked really cool. It hadn’t really hit me yet that the play opens in less then two weeks, but at the end of that set build, it finally did. The set isn’t completely finished yet, but I’m already excited for people to see it because it is one of my favorite sets that I’ve ever been involved
-- Rebecca Rovezzi '14
Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production on Tuesday October, 25, 2011 at 01:58PM


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