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Lights, Costumes, Sound…Cross Country Team

Every thing was a go for the dress rehearsal on November 2nd, not only were the last of props and costumes added in but we also had a bit of an audience too.  The ensemble was really able to get a sense and vibe of what the play would really be like because it was our first run through and we had the energy of the awesome cross country team (who came sharply dressed) to work from. We had gone to one of their practices where we ran with them and now it was their turn to "step into our shoes." Adrenaline was high and everyone was excited to perform –and excited to fix many of the kinks from tech dress.  One of our biggest problems of the night was pacing, so at the end of tech dress we took down some notes to improve on that for opening night. For example, we tried to do a quicker job picking up our cues, leaving shorter spaces between lines.  Jake did an excellent job up in the booth with the light board, while Michael really became familiar with props placements back stage.  The ensemble left rehearsal exhausted but pumped for opening night!

Click here for a full slideshow of images from rehearsal and Friday night's performance.

-- Elizabeth Butler

Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production, Acting on Saturday November 5, 2011 at 09:36AM
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Light at the End of the Tunnel

The last few rehearsals have definitely been difficult. We have had long rehearsals of blocking and tech. It’s been a challenge to say the least. The rehearsal on Saturday was our opportunity to finish all of the blocking. It was pretty slow at first, but it picked up and was greatly successful. Our next rehearsal was tech rehearsal, this is where things get real slow to learn all of the scenery and props movement and technical cues. We must have replayed some scenes fifty times, many of which involve the use of water onstage (always hard to pull off.) That was interesting. As the Assistant Stage Manager, I was given the opportunity to set up the backstage area and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Jake, the first Stage Manager, worked in the booth with Mr. Howard and Nic on the complex light and sound cues.  Overall, although these rehearsals sometimes felt shaky, they were very successful in the end. The whole cast agreed.
Click here to view some more photos from "Hell Week"
Come witness the result when we perform 'Eurydice' on November 3, 4, and 5 in Allen Theater at 7:30 p.m!
--Michael Rigaud '15
Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production, Acting on Wednesday November 2, 2011 at 12:57PM
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"It's the Final Countdown!"

Yes, as the end draws near, excitement and nerves of the cast and crew are increasing. There are eight days until opening night. We have begun to receive various costume pieces and props, and today in rehearsal, Juliet Shatkin (Eurydice) tried on her very first wedding dress. It was gorgeous, of course. The Stones have also received props that have helped their characters, and the entire show, have a humorous and creepy tone.

The set the cast and crew have built, with tremendous help from Mr. Blauss and Nic, has turned out marvelous. Moments ago, we finished the painting on all the major pieces of the set and we are now only adding minor details. Seeing the set situated in the new theater gives everyone tingles. The renovations, though still not totally complete, change Allen into a professional theater... from the the new lighting grid and control booth, to backstage scene shops, dressing rooms, and green room. Everyone is excited to be able perform in this wonderful new space.
-- Nicole Petta
Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production, Acting on Friday October 28, 2011 at 12:46PM
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Lots of Red Paint

The second set build took place on Saturday, October 23. It was extremely productive and involved a lot of red paint. We had lots help from family this weekend with my dad, Mr. Butler, Mr. Rhodes, both of Liz Butler’s sisters Bea and Margret, and James Steiner’s brother Matt all coming to help out. We successfully finished the construction of a huge ramp and an 6’ platform. (It feels a lot higher when you’re standing on it than it looks.) We also completed an off-stage exit from the platform and a large elevator. In addition, we painted the elevator, the bottom of the ramp, and the sliding door that goes in front of the elevator. Plus, we hung a pipe from the light grid. We also hung a scrim, which is a type of curtain that will make the lights look great. I worked mostly on painting the outside of the elevator with Jake Diamond, our stage manager, and then painting the beams beneath the platform. By the end of the day, most of us were pretty much covered in red paint. After stepping back at the end of the day and taking in the full effect of what we had done, everyone was excited because it just looked really cool. It hadn’t really hit me yet that the play opens in less then two weeks, but at the end of that set build, it finally did. The set isn’t completely finished yet, but I’m already excited for people to see it because it is one of my favorite sets that I’ve ever been involved
-- Rebecca Rovezzi '14
Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production on Tuesday October 25, 2011 at 01:58PM
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"Who Knows Their Lines?"

I had joked for weeks in advance that I was petrified to write the blog entry for the day of the line run. This was the day when the entire cast would say their lines from start to finish from memory. There we all were, sitting all around the room waiting for the dreaded line run to begin. Mr. Howard gave us one last speech before we started, as if we couldn't already feel the pressure. He explained to us that the outcome of this line run would set the stage for the rest of this show. I knew I had rehearsed every scene a thousand times and yet I still feared I would suddenly forget it all. Mr. Howard said "Go." I had the first line and I began. After it started, my anxiety turned into excitement. "Hey!" I thought, "this is going well...really well!" As we continued, we all began to feel a strong sense of unity and pride for our work. It was obvious that everyone had taken the time to perfect their lines. There were a few stumbles and bumps along the way, which was expected, but when we finished the run we knew we had accomplished something awesome. We had set the stage incredibly well for the rest of the rehearsals. Thinking about the line run makes me increasingly motivated to work my butt off and put on an amazing show.

-- Juliet Shatkin '12

Posted by in Acting on Tuesday October 25, 2011 at 01:50PM
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Lighting Up the Stage

Tuesday morning, in spite of the fact that fall recess was still in session, the theater was bustling with activity. This time, things were happening above the stage instead of on it. As the lighting took shape throughout the day, amber, blue and green lit up the stage in a kaleidoscope of focused and colored lights. This seemed to be one of our more efficient light hangs with about seven people working at once to manipulate 50+ lights. From Mr. Howard precariously swaying in the 'Genie' lift to Mr. Blauss dangling off a ladder, we all made huge progress toward the fully lit stage for 'Eurydice' now two weeks from opening. Some of the set was also put on stage Tuesday, giving the space a more finished feel as we get closer and closer to opening night. Perhaps we may see these lights used in upcoming rehearsals,
more fully setting the mood for the show.
Click here to view photos from the day.
-- Jake Diamond
Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production, Acting on Thursday October 20, 2011 at 09:21AM
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Erecting the Land of the Dead

This past set build was a blast, not to mention a huge success. This being our first set build, we started from the very basics, however, accomplished a lot! Almost half of the stages components are ready for paint. And some beautiful paintwork already done, by none other than Juliet Shatkin and Liz Butler, has our imagination running wild with what the finished set will look like. James Steiner and Rebecca Rovezzi are the reason for our ramp’s decked structure. Thanks to Mr. Howard and Mr. Blauss, our structures and measurements are now perfectly in proportion. We thank the people from Dance for coming and helping out, thanks to you, the stairs have been painted and our elevator panels can stand. We also give a huge thank you to Merit Glover, as a devoted theatre stage manager, your help was amazing. Although the build did not come without its bumps and bruises, they were nowhere compared to how much fun we had. Now that there is somewhat of a set lingering in front of us, we can more clearly see the vision of the play. We can adapt these surroundings to our characters and make it all fit together. Hope you are excited as we are!

Link to a slideshow of photos from the set build.

-- Craig Alizadeh '13

Posted by in Theater Production, Set Production on Thursday October 13, 2011 at 10:21AM
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