Back (Left to Right): Jae Seung Lee, Soo Jang Choi, William Yoon, Seyoon Lee, Hung Huang, James Steiner, Gordon Bogardus, Jack Lewers; Front (Left to Right): Sam Cabot, Max Le, Sissi Wang, Hong Minh Ngo, Swetha Kodali, Liza Bernstein, Jenny Grogan, Shiyu Zhu, Penny Ni, Tim Kou; Not Shown: Chris Bowman, Caroline Carey

AMSR Students and Mentors: 2011-12

Liza Bernstein '13 of Florida         
Neuroscience  Mentor: Dr. Albrecht at Albany Medical

Gordon Bogardus* '12 of Connecticut    
Biomedical  Mentor: Dr. Tenenbaum at CNSE

Chris Bowman* '12 of Massachusetts
Nanotechnology  Mentor: Dr. Xie at CNSE

Sam Cabot '13 of Massachusetts
Astrophysics  Mentor: Dr. Wang at UMass - Amherst

Caroline Carey '12 of Connecticut
Nanotechnology  Mentor: Dr. Geer at CNSE

Soo Jang Choi '13 of Korea                
Mathematics  Mentor: Dr. Lance at Berkshire School

Jenny Grogan* '12 of New York   
Zoology  Mentor: Dr. Swoap at Williams College

Hung Huang '13 of Vietnam           
Cancer  Mentor: Dr. Yan at Albany Medical

Swetha Kodali '13 of New Jersey 
Biochemistry Mentor: Dr. MacNamara at Albany Medical                     

Tim Kou* '12 of China                
Economics  Mentor: Dr. Waters at Illinois State

Max Le '12 of Vietnam        
Biomedical  Mentor: Dr. Duus at Albany Medical

Jae Seung Lee '13 of Korea                
Environmental Science  Mentor: Dr. Braun-Howland at Wadsworth

Seyoon Lee* '12 of Korea               
Nanotechnology  Mentor: Dr. Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik at CNSE 

Jack Lewers '12 of Connecticut       
Mathematics  Mentor: Dr. Lance at Berkshire School

Hong Minh Ngo '13 of Vietnam           
Nanobiology  Mentor: Dr. Geer at CNSE

Penny Ni* '12 of China              
Biomechanics  Mentor: Dr. Strait at SUNY- Albany

James Steiner* '12 of New York   
Biomedical  Mentor: Dr. Burch at Wadsworth

Sissi Wang '13 of China                 
Astrophysics  Mentor: Dr. Pasachoff at Williams College

William Yoon '12 of Korea                
Biomedical  Mentor: Dr. Husain at Wadsworth

Shiyu Zhu* '12 of China                 
Genetics/Cancer Mentor: Dr. Norman at Albany Med

Students with a * entered the INTEL Science Talent Search Competition in the fall.

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