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There are five vacations during the school year when Berkshire School is closed and students are required to leave campus.  The dates for each vacation are listed at the top of each section below.

Because we are very concerned that your child is properly cared for and has a safe place to be during school vacations, we ask that you plan carefully what your child will do when Berkshire School is closed.  Berkshire School does not and cannot grant permission for students to be unsupervised during school vacations.  

If your child will not be going home during a school vacation and you do not have a friend or relative with whom your child can spend the vacation, we ask that you use Concierge Services for students. For a fee, Concierge can make chaperoned arrangements for your child during vacations.

Concierge Services for Students Ltd. is a reliable, reputable organization that understands the needs of international students and provides dependable and responsible chaperones on student trips. Berkshire School has assumed the cost of enrolling all of its international students as members of Concierge Services for Students Ltd. This will save each family the annual membership fee. This membership does not obligate you to use the services of Concierge, but simply provides the opportunity of doing so. Concierge is a reputable and caring organization that specializes in the care of international students. More information about Concierge can be found on their website at

Berkshire School has arranged a special package for students who want to use Concierge’s program and participate in a chaperoned trip to Boston for Fall Recess and to New York for Winter Recess.

Fall Recess October 15-18  $600
Winter Recess February 2-6  $700

These fees include transportation to and from Berkshire School, room, some activities, and meals. 

Please give us the following information about your child's host for the following school vacations

Fall Recess: October 15-18
Thanksgiving Vacation: November 19-28
Winter Vacation: December 15 - January 3
Winter Recess: February 2-6
Spring Vacation: March 3-25

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