Berkshire School uses SAGE Dining Services.  SAGE is committed to education and believes the dining hall should be an extension of the classroom. The Educational Seasonings program, which introduces students to the social, cultural and historical significance of various foods, is very popular at Berkshire. The culinary program offered during Pro Vita Week is a favorite for students; SAGE's food service director, Michael Ramella, co-teaches a class called Journey to the Plate, and hosts a 90-minute cooking class each day.

The dining hall bulletin board provides useful information about dining choices and eating for wellness. Locally sourced foods are always highlighted on the serving lines.

SAGE also understands its responsibility for the stewardship of the earth's resources. The company was founded on the principles of quality, integrity and service, values that apply to every aspect of the organization.

SAGE's Commitment to Sustainability begins with its choice of vendors, selection of products and design of the dining program. It continues with a conscientious effort to minimize waste and implement environmentally responsible business practices.

Focus on Food

  • SAGE works closely with local merchants, state farm bureaus and other community resources to feature fresh, regional products. Their goal is to purchase as much local product as possible, safely and within budget
  • SAGE supports the humane treatment of animals. They purchase only shell eggs that are cage-free and Certified Humane for use in their kitchens.
  • All milk served is 100 percent antibiotic-free and hormone-free.
  • SAGE supports the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines, and strives to increase its purchases of sustainable seafood.
  • SAGE's tuna is dolphin-safe, packed in water.
  • Wherever possible, SAGE managers grow fresh herb and vegetable gardens and incorporate the produce into their menus.
  • SAGE buys local and organic products, wherever possible. Organic food is produced with only organic pesticides and fertilizers, is not genetically modified, and prohibits the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Dining Program

  • Menus are custom-designed for our community, and they change seasonally to reflect the fresh product available in New England.
  • SAGE's talented chefs prepare our food fresh, from scratch. SAGE believes freshly made food tastes better, retains more nutrients and is safer for the environment.
  • SAGE chefs strive to increase their use of minimally processed and raw foods.
  • SAGE instituted tray-less dining at Berkshire in 2008 to promote water and energy conservation, discourage overeating and reduce food waste.

Waste Reduction

  • SAGE partners with participating clients to compost organic waste into usable gardening materials.

  • SAGE encourages the use of china, glassware and silverware, and discourages the use of disposable service ware. SAGE uses biodegradable service ware and trash bags.
  • Many SAGE clients have switched from bottled water to filtered water dispensers.
  • SAGE recycles cardboard, glass, plastic and metal, where possible.
  • SAGE recycles used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel.

 Sustainable Business Practices

  • SAGE uses 100% wind energy to power its offices.
  • Replacement appliances are Energy Star-rated.
  • SAGE prints on recycled paper, using recycled printer cartridges.



Berkshire School

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 |  T: 413 229 8511

Berkshire School is a co-ed, New England college preparatory boarding and day school offering a rigorous academic course of study in the northeast United States. Our campus, located in Massachusetts, has state-of-the-art academic, artistic and athletic facilities on a stunning 400-acre campus in the Berkshires.

Berkshire School received 5 out of 5 stars from over 3 Google reviews.

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