Living at Berkshire

The adults living in the dorms are committed to creating an environment where students are safe, emotionally and physically, and they have chosen to devote their lives to helping young people work together to become better than the sum of their parts.  There is no mystery to how they do this:  like our students, they work hard and they care deeply.

Our dorms are modern and range in size and feel, but they share a comfortable living space designed specifically to allow our students to grow emotionally and intellectually.

Hear more from our students on the Student Voices Page and see more of what's happening on campus on the Student Life Slideshow Page.

Berkshire School

245 North Undermountain Road
 |  Sheffield, MA 01257
 |  T: 413 229 8511

Berkshire School received 5 out of 5 stars from 3 Google reviews.

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