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Last week, Ms. Connell and Dr. Burch talked a little about working in Bellas-Dixon and the compelling possibilities of a program like Advanced Math Science Research. Watch that interview here.
Dan Gulotta is in Africa with his wife, a doctor, and son Eric. Read a quick explanation from his dad, Mr. Gulotta, here, then read about their adventures and other experiences every week.
Mr. Schleunes and his Multivariable Calculus class left campus for the City on Monday. Read Mr. S's account of why!
Max's company invented the 3Doodler and launched one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns to date! Read more.
The Library Committee at Berkshire is implementing all kinds of new and interesting ideas. Come on by and check them out! Until then, read this short description by William Pang '15. It's a good start.
Fall Break is the perfect time to talk to your parents about these great travel opportunities for the winter! This information will help.
NAIS calls Berkshire, "One of the STARS of Sustainability:" Read about it here.
Sullivan placed First in the US National Aerobatic Championships (Primary Sequence) in Texas last weekend representing the University of North Dakota Team.
Sarah Kinney's film touched the entire community with its heartfelt and uniquely-expressed message. Read what she says about it and watch the film, itself here.
On Sunday, Mr. Clary took our Quiz Bowl team to MIT for a competition - read his description of the day and see a slideshow of what they did. Be sure to check out the Media Lab link, as well. It's a real coup that our students were able to tour this research and design lab, and you get to see pictures!
Sam Lewis is taking part in an independent study project with Mrs. Lloyd in which he will complete six works of art while learning about his genre and writing about it, as well.
Deo's story is at times hard to hear, but, in his own words, it is also "really beautiful."
Peter Coenen'04 - alum and son of science teacher Ms. Morgan - named Executive Chef of The Gage, on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL.
Ms. Connell wrote the book on the Constitution - or at least A book on the Constitution.
Javier Winnik '96 - Berkshire's first athlete of the Week when he was a student - is Berkshire's first Alum of the Month! Hear what he has to say about life after the Mountain and what it's like to come back and work with current students.
Mr. Nielsen took a canoe trip that doubled as a rite of passage - he recommends it thoroughly, all but the mosquitos!
Dr.Kohlhepp was this year's recipient of the Class of '57 Faculty Award for excellence in teaching and tenure of service. We sat down together to talk about teaching and life in the middle of a rainy spell under the mountain. Here's some of what he had to say:
Cody Turner '13 tackled the philosophical questions surrounding free will in his year-long independent study with Philosophy teacher and Academic Dean Clay Splawn. His study of the phrase "could have done otherwise" informed his understanding of the free will debate. Click here to read more.
The twenty-one students who presented their Independent Study projects on Thursday evening were an energetic and enthusiastic group. They were also masters of their topics, which ranged from philosophical questions about free will to scientific explorations of symbiotic relationships between hydroponic plants and goldfish. Click here to learn more.
Nineteen students presented their Independent Study work recently in the atrium of Berkshire Hall. Projects were far-ranging, from advanced astro-imaging to fashion design and advanced music theory.
Sam Cabot '13 is nurturing a passion for astronomy. With his faculty mentor, Dan Spear, Sam has set up state-of-the-art equipment in Berkshire's Dixon Observatory and is now capturing exemplary photos through advanced astro-imaging. He shares his knowledge at local schools and community centers.
Nineteen students are pursuing an Independent Study this semester. Projects are far-ranging, including astro-imaging, a film adaptation of a stage play, zebra mussel biology, and fashion. Click here to learn more.
Kelsey West '12 and Alex English '12, both pursuing an Independent Study in Athletic Training, went into surgery with classmate Brian Ferrell '12 for a 3-hour operation to repair his ACL.
Thirty-two students who have pursued an Independent Study this year will present their work to the community tonight, Tuesday, May 17, from 7 - 8 PM.
Moritz Grosser '11 delves into the health care debate in his Advanced Constitutional Law independent study. After reviewing case briefings and summaries, he is honing his legal opinion paper.
Andrew Walther '11 and Tim Kou '12 bring different perspectives to their Independent Studies in Micro and Macroeconomics with faculty advisor Jasper Turner.
Building on knowledge from his Advanced Economics class, Jorge Bordas '11 formulates a business plan for a Spanish restaurant in New York City as part of his Independent Study.
Anne-Marie Dion '11 and Stephanie Quintin '11 are studying the depiction of women in French literature of the 19th century with foreign language chair Jean Erick Joassaint.
An interest in computer design leads Joseph Lin '11 to pursue an independent study in Advanced Flash. He works on campus with Jasper Turner and with a professor online in California.
Martha Hagerty '11 attributes a Pro Vita class she took as a third former for inspiring a curiosity in her Scandinavian heritage. She will learn the equivalent of two years of Swedish this year in an Independent Study with native Swede Martina Moodey.
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