Who We Are: School Leaders
Posted 04/23/2014 11:47AM

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Mulder announced next year's prefects. With a nod to the great work of this year's group and the community's participation on many levels of leadership, he then welcomed this new group of leaders. The full list includes:

Day Students: Sarah Kinney and Chris Zaffanella
Allen: Ben Harff and Jimmy McKee
Buck:Michael Schiffer and Stephen DePietto
CGR:MacKenzie Lancaster and Reilly Kennedy
DeWindt: Grayson Keith and Henry Manley
Eipper: Andre Bogdanovics and Justin Donawa (not pictured)
Godman: Caroline Welch and Olivia Silverman
MacMillan: Liza Jane Branch and Lucy Hollister
Stanley: Jay Allen
Spurr: Ana Alvarenga and Hannah Honan

All but Justin Donawa (who was off-campus) are pictured below.

Watch a video of the announcement at morning meeting here: