Xiao Rui Guo named INTEL Semifinalist
Posted 01/16/2010 01:00AM

Xiao Rui Guo ’10 from Massachusetts, a member of the Advanced Math/Science Research (AMSR) class at Berkshire, has been honored as one of only 300 Semifinalists in the INTEL Science Talent Search Competition for his project entitled, “Deposition of Alginate Microbioreactor Array through Polyelectrolyte Interactions”, which is supported by National Science Foundation.

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Since early August, Xiao Rui has met weekly with his mentor, Dr. Yubing Xie of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in Albany through a formal partnership between Berkshire School and CNSE.  The college has more than 2,500 researchers, and partnerships with more than 250 global technology companies, including the world’s leading nanoelectronics companies and organizations.  Dr. Xie is a professor of nanobioscience whose research interfaces between stem cell biology and nanotechnology to try and understand stem cell fate decisions and develop stem cell-based platforms for tissue regeneration, therapeutic screening and drug development.

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Dr. Xie is effusive when describing Xiao Rui’s work. "Xiao Rui is very well prepared and demonstrates the highest level of independence in research -- as well as any graduate student. It is unbelievable that he has made such remarkable research progress and significant contributions to my research program in three months. He is very creative and innovative. Xiao Rui came up with an idea to incorporate positive charged polylysine into gelatin to make the binding of alginate microbioreactors to the gelatin surface much stronger. As a result, we submitted an abstract to the Society for Biomaterials – 2010 Annual Meeting & Exposition, in which Xiao Rui was listed as a co-author in recognizing his significant contribution to the project."

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“The Intel experience was like a condensed blast of everything I was expecting to do in math and science and more,” said Xiao Rui. “Going to Albany twice a week was definitely a little stressful sometimes - but it helped immensely. More than that though, I had friends, teachers and my mentor encouraging me the whole time. Dr. Xie, my mentor, made sure to meet and discuss my progress with me at least once every time I was at the lab, something that still amazes me, considering that I am just in high school. Writing the actual Intel paper itself and putting everything together was a new experience for all of us. I think we were less concerned with whether we'd make semi's or not and more concerned with just doing it right. It was almost unreal looking at the 18 pages of my paper before having it sent off, but I am just glad that everything since August has paid off.”

Xiao Rui and Berkshire School will each receive an award of $1000. The 40 INTEL finalists will be announced on January 27th. Xiao Rui is one of four students in the Advanced Math/Science Research course to enter the contest this year. Kurt Schleunes, the course instructor and Chair of the Math Department, is pleased by the commitment and drive of his students. “We are just thrilled to have our students participating in the contest again this year. Only 1700 students from around the nation entered this year so it’s nice to see so many of our kids willing to step up and compete.”

Xiao Rui is thankful for the support of so many in the Berkshire community. “I would especially like to thank Mr. Schleunes, without whom I would never have gotten the chance to participate in the Intel Talent Search. Not only were my classmates and I able to start research early in August because of his efforts, but he is also the person who drives us back and forth from Albany. Chatting with everyone else in AMSR on the way back and forth, and eating dinner on the bus has become a tradition. As for all those who have helped me since I started this project, Mr. Schleunes, my mentor, Ms. Morgan, Mr. Courtney and many more – I would like to sincerely say thank you!”

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