Who We Are and What We're Doing: Library Committee Making Inroads
Posted 10/15/2013 03:01PM

William Pang '15 has been working hard with his friends in the Library Committee to let the community know about some of the exciting things that are happening in Geier Library this year. Feel free to read the quick explanations below. Then click here to move to the Library page, where the committee will be adding information on a regular basis.

Thanks, William!

Plug-In Monitors Are Here!
Ever felt the trouble of opening and minimizing browsers when doing research? Spearheaded by the library committee, 24 inch monitors for students to plug into their PCs and Macs are now available to use in the library. Students can simply drag their windows into the second screen, facilitating work on a paper on one screen, while researching on the second screen. This process allows for quicker and more efficient research, among other valuable uses.

Library Committee:
A collection of students and teachers with shared interest in learning, the Student Library Committee is interested in making Geier Library a fun and collaborative space. Advised by Interim Library Director Andrea Hollnagel and librarians Ed Surjan and Emily Warner, library committee members are students with displayed interest in furthering the educational experience at Berkshire. The committee meets once a week to discuss and implement ideas that will make Geier Library a place where students will able to work efficiently and fully utilize library resources.  Library Committee Members:  William Pang '15, Noah Faison '16, Hayley Sutherland '14 and Krissy Govertsen '15
So come to Geier and see what's happening this year - and if you have suggestions or ideas for the committee, please let them know. They'd love to hear what you have in mind!