Poems Inspired by Sugaring Season
Posted 04/29/2013 11:43AM

Poems Inspired by Sugaring Season

Two fourth-form English classes started this quarter with a sweet connection to Berkshire history.  Tenth-graders read and discussed legendary Berkshire teacher / coach / administrator Arthur Chase’s “Sugar Weather” from his poetry collection, Steam from the Sap House.  Then, Ms. McGovern’s and Mrs. Bellizzi’s students visited the current home of Berkshire Maple Syrup Corporation, where science teacher Michael Dalton and Robin McGraw ’70 explained the sugaring process and offered them a taste of 2013 syrup.  Students snapped photos and wrote both poetry and prose to capture the moment, much as Mr. Chase did years ago.

Click the links below to read selected students' work:

Ana Alvarenga

Emily Barclay

Liza Jane Branch

Jake Diamond

Renee Dreher

Jeffrey Erazo

Nicky Friedman

Hayden Graham

Arwen Neski

Chris Zaffanella