Bears in Sweden
Posted 08/30/2012 01:00AM

Bears Return from Preseason in Sweden

This year the Berkshire Boys' Soccer Program chose to go to Goteborg, Sweden for its preseason tour, and thanks to the generous support of alumni, parents, friends, and the students and faculty alike on campus, the Bears were able to raise the funds they needed to make the preseason trip a reality. This tour was particularly exciting for Coach Moodey and his family because Goteborg is where Mrs. Moodey grew up, and her family and friends still reside there. In fact, Mrs. Moodey's brothers Stefan and Jan and her mother Kerstin organized most everything for the team and accompanied the team on much of the tour.  Coach Gappa brought his family with him and Troy Lewis, father of co-captain Zeiko Lewis '13, came along as a guest coach.  The trip definitely had a family-like feel to it, which was great.

Click here to view a slideshow from the trip.

On the first day, the team trained in Goteborg and then attended a local derby between GAIS and BK Hacken two professional clubs in Sweden's top league, Allsvenskan. The team spent the next three days of the trip in the small town of Lysekil, a coastal town on just north-west of Goteborg.  There the team trained daily, swam, and took a boat tour to one of the local islands off the coast. On the final day, the team played Lysekil FF in an absolutely beautiful stadium overlooking the ocean.  The Bears played very well, controlled the match, and walked away with a 6-0 victory to open the tour.  Next the team headed down to Goteborg where they continued their training and played two more matches. The matches against BK Hacken's U19s and Hisingsbacka IF's U19s were both memorable.  In the first match against BK Hacken, the Bears battled to a 0-0 halftime score, but in the second half, the Bears came out with an impressive foray in the opening 20 minutes and took a 3-0 lead on three quality strikes.  The Bears looked to be in control of the match, but in the final 20 minutes with some of the young Bears on the pitch the home side pulled off an impressive finish, knocking home five goals and claiming the match. It was a very entertaining match for all on hand.  The third and final match for the Bears was against Hisingsbacka IF, a talented club from just outside of Goteborg, and it proved to be a very physical and hotly contested match that had several lead changes but that finished in a 2-2 draw.  Interspersed between the training sessions and matches in Goteborg, the team was able to take in some cultural experiences ranging from a visit to Bohus Fastning, a beautiful castle constructed in the the 14th Century; a night at Liseberg Amusement Park; a shopping outing and walking tour of downtown Goteborg; a memorable cookout at the Tetri home; and a great farewell dinner with real Swedish meatballs hosted by Kerstin.

In the end the trip proved be just what the team needed - an opportunity to bond, play lots of soccer, and experience a new culture.  It was a great experience for all involved, and it will undoubtedly give us a great start to what could be a very exciting season ahead. 

-- Jon Moodey, Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Soccer team