Soccer News: User '10 and Another '15 Kushaina
Posted 09/25/2012 03:14PM

The Kushaina Brothers - User '10 Paves the Way for Another '15

User Kushaina '10 left his home in Mutare, Zimbabwe in late August of 2008 to pursue his studies and soccer at Berkshire School, and now four years later his brother, Another Kushaina '15, is following in his older brother's footsteps. User, now a junior at Williams College, had hoped that his brother might one day earn the same opportunity that he had earned to come to Berkshire, and he was so happy when he heard the good news: "My family and I are extremely excited about my brother is at Berkshire School this year. I love Berkshire and I had a great experience at the school. Berkshire had a lot to offer to me in academics, arts, athletics, and socially. I cannot express how grateful I am for my brother to be able to get the same from Berkshire School. I really cannot wait to see him grow and develop as a person in such a diverse, supportive and caring community. I am so proud that he is now a Bear!" He is particularly excited that he is just over an hour away from Another, so he will be able to visit often and keep a watchful eye over his younger brother. 

If Another is indeed like his brother, he should have no problem making the jump to a vastly different world. When User first arrived at Berkshire, he showed no fear and jumped right into his new life at Berkshire despite all the inherent challenges that come with such a move.  He quickly established himself as a bright and motivated scholar and talented soccer player and track athlete. During his time at Berkshire, User was a high honor roll student and distinguished himself on the soccer field (2009 All-Star for New England Prep School Soccer Association; 2009 Massachusetts All-State Team; 2008 and 2009 Western New England Prep School Soccer Association Select Team) and track (anchor for two time New England Championship 4x100 team and fastest 100m in Berkshire history). 

User looks back at his time at Berkshire fondly recalling many things like the lasting relationships he formed with students and teachers, Pro Vita, Mountain Days, and Community Dinner. When asked about his favorite memory, Kushaina notes, "My best memory at Berkshire has to be the week I spent during spring vacation doing a bike-a-thon with some members of the soccer team.  The bike-a-thon was a fundraiser for the Lutanda Soccer Academy, an organization that helps disadvantaged boys and girls in Lusaka, Zambia.  The week was full of sweat and pain, but when it ended, there was so much satisfaction and fulfillment within each and every one of us who had sacrificed their energy and time for such a great cause. Most important, the trip enabled us to get to know each other better."

Now a political science and economics major at Williams and a star on the Men's Varsity Soccer Team, Kushaina still finds time for his community: he serves as an editor for the Horn, a magazine for the Williams College African Student Organization, and he is the Treasurer for the International Student Club at Williams. Beyond Williams, User volunteers as a coach for a local soccer team in North Adams and he works as a mentor for students from low-income families in Mount Greylock Regional School District. With just two years left at Williams, Kushaina hopes to help guide the Ephs to a National Championship and then pursue a career and wants to get involved in international relations.

-- Jon Moodey, Head Coach of the Berkshire Boys Varsity Soccer team