Quiz Bowl Club at MIT
Posted 02/27/2012 01:00AM

Quiz Bowl Club at MIT

On Saturday, February 25th, four members of Berkshire's Academic Quiz Bowl team travelled to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the MITBAT--the MIT Beaver Academic Tournament.  In its first-ever tournament, the Berkshire team finished very well, winning five of ten head-to-head matches, and coming in second among prep schools, behind Phillips Exeter Academy. 

Since quiz bowl is a new activity at Berkshire, perhaps a little explanation is in order.   Around the country, high school and collegiate teams compete against one another in periodic tournaments that test participants' knowledge over the entire spectrum of a rigorous high schoolQuiz Bowl Club at MIT curriculum.  Questions also include a certain amount of pop culture and current events.   Each tournament features a blend of individual competition and team collaboration, according to nationally standardized rules, since no individual player is likely to be an expert in all subject areas.  In fact, members of each four-person squad learn highly particular and esoteric areas of knowledge:  one player may specialize in biochemistry, astronomy, and particle physics; another may study US presidential history, European conflicts, and sub-Saharan African politics; still another might focus on Romantic poetry, East Asian theologies, and indie rock.  Thus, quiz bowl can reinforce classroom lessons and also encourage players to go beyond their assignments to master other forms of knowledge as well.

Berkshire's first traveling team consisted of captain Eliza Farley '13Unyimeabase Udoh '13, Sam Cabot '13, and Will McGovern '14.  In a dazzlingly fast and far-ranging display of their impressive skills, the team provided correct answers such as "structural stereoisomerism," "The War of the Spanish Succession," "Shinto," "Ansel Adams," "Bashar Al-Assad," and "Coldplay"  (tournament rules forbid us from releasing the copyrighted questions).   In ten rounds, they earned more than 1,000 points, at ten points a question.  Any Berkshire teacher or parent would have been entirely impressed. 

This is the just the beginning for Berkshire quiz bowl.  We intend to organize more teams for on campus and even traveling competitions, and with nearby sister institutions such as Suffield Academy, Emma Willard School, and Williston-Northampton also starting to field squads, it seems as though Quiz Bowl will soon become a popular way for many of our students to strut their intellectual stuff! 

-- Evan Clary, English Department Chair and Quiz Bowl Club faculty mentor