Afternoon Program

Berkshire's Afternoon Program offers students a rigorous alternative to team athletics. While structured in a similar way, the program allows students to explore interests in several areas (see below). Additional opportunities may be explored through a student's advisor.

Ritt Kellogg Mountain Program

RKMP offers an alternative to traditional team pursuits. With a focus on outdoor activities, students gain greater insight into themselves and the world around them, and learn to develop as individuals within the natural environment.

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Strength and Conditioning

Berkshire's Strength and Conditioning program is offered during the fall and winter seasons and utilizes the training and exercise spaces on campus, including outdoor locations.


Berkshire’s STEAM Program provides students with opportunities to be designers, creators, innovators, risk-takers and entrepreneurs. In STEAM, students are asked to identify and tackle authentic problems in context and design solution-based prototypes using interdisciplinary approaches that bridge science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts.

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Art or Music Option

Students may pursue a passion in art or music, either in a group setting or individual capacity.

Theater or Dance

Students may pursue opportunities in theater or dance. Both programs' seasons culminate with a performance.