For one week every winter, Berkshire students participate in two unique, intensive courses of their choosing, taught by faculty, staff, parents, alumni, friends, and other students. The program is focused on the "Make. Perform. Do. Solve. Serve." model, in which students explore courses within the areas of art and sesign, sustainability, philanthropy, diversity, and sense of place.

The goal of this program is for students to have the opportunity to explore the larger world around them and to embrace the School motto: Pro Vita Non Pro Schola Discimus, "Learning—not just for school but for life.” Pro Vita offers more than 60 courses, a lunchtime workshop series, several site-based excursions, and various guest speakers, which allow students to uncover new talents and discover lifelong pursuits.

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Speaker Series

dom flemons | TUESDAY, February 27 • 7:00 p.m. at allen theater

Dom Flemons is a Grammy Award winning musician, singer-songwriter, and slam poet. Carrying on the songster tradition, Flemons strives to mix traditional music forms with a contemporary approach, to create new sounds that will appeal to wider audiences. In his recent solo album Prospect Hill (2014), Flemons drew from a wide range of styles, including ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, southern traditional music, string band music, fife and drum music, and jug-band music.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dom’s involvement with music began by playing percussion in his high school band. After picking up the guitar and harmonica as a teenager, he began to play in local coffee houses and became a regular performer on the Arizona folk music scene. Dom wrote his own songs and produced 25 albums of singer-songwriters and slam poets in the Phoenix area, including six albums of his own, during this time. He took a brief break from playing music in order to pursue slam poetry (he majored in English at Northern Arizona University) and performed in two national poetry slams in 2002 and 2003. Aside from exploring slam poetry, he spent his early adulthood listening to records and discovering a love of folk music, blues, jazz, jug band music, country music and ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll. Dom became interested in folk musicians such as Phil Ochs, Dave Van Ronk, and Mike Seeger, as well as musicians such as Mississippi John Hurt, Howlin’ Wolf, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins. After stepping away from the slam poetry scene, he rekindled his interest in music, this time focusing on the old-time blues music of the pre-WWII era.

To listen to his music, or read more about Don Flemons, visit his website.


Held every Memorial Day weekend, Mountainfilm is a documentary film festival that showcases nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, climbing, political and social justice issues that matter. Along with exceptional documentaries, the festival goes beyond the film medium by bringing together world-class athletes, change makers and visionary artists for a multi-dimensional celebration of indomitable spirit. Mountainfilm, which includes interactive talks, free community events, a gallery walk, outdoor programming and presentations, aims to inspire audiences to action on worthy causes.

To learn more, visit

dr. MAX HOLMES | friday, march 2 • 7:00 P.M. AT ALLEN THEATER

Dr. Max Holmes is an earth system scientist who studies rivers and their watersheds and how climate change and other disturbances are impacting the cycles of water and chemicals in the environment. He is particularly interested in the fate of the vast quantities of ancient carbon locked in permafrost in the Arctic, which may be released as permafrost thaws, exacerbating global warming. Dr. Holmes has ongoing projects in the Russian, Canadian, and Alaskan Arctic, and in the tropics in the Amazon and the Congo. He is committed to engaging students in his research projects and to communicating the results and implications of his research to the public and to policy-makers. Dr. Holmes recently served for two years as Program Director of the National Science Foundation’s Arctic System Science Program and in 2015 was named National Fellow of the Explorers Club.


Sunday, Feb. 25


7:00 p.m. | Allen Theater

Monday, Feb. 26

Green & gray Trivia night

7:00 p.m. | Allen Theater

Tuesday, Feb. 27

dom flemons

7:00 p.m | Allen Theater

Wednesday, Feb. 28

documentary: where there be dragons

TBD | Allen Theater

Thursday, Mar. 1

telluride mountainfilm on tour

7:00 p.m. | Allen Theater

Friday, March 2

max holmes

7:00 p.m. | Allen Theater

Saturday, March 3


8:00 a.m. | Allen Theater

Off-Campus Trips

Pro Vita Winter Session is a week-long program where the school community challenges and stretches itself in ways beyond the traditional high school curriculum. Designed around the motto Make. Perform. Solve. Serve., Pro Vita provides students with the opportunity to explore the School’s mission and core values and its commitment to Sustainability, Sense of Place, Philanthropy, Diversity, and For Life in a hands-on way. The Pro Vita experience fosters growth in Berkshire’s core values of integrity, perseverance, curiosity, respect, resilience, and inclusion. During Pro Vita, students live out the School motto: “Learning -- not just for school but for life.”

Pro Vita’s on-campus curriculum consists of over 60 seminar-style classes. Students also participate in a wide variety of evening events and hear from guest speakers. In 2018, Berkshire will be offering six off-campus excursions during Pro Vita, which falls on February 26-March 3, 2018. Below is a look at the destinations planned for Pro Vita 2018. If you are interested in receiving more information (cost, details and itinerary) about these trips, please contact Pro Vita Director Donald Anselmi at

Please Note: All of these trips go beyond the normal purview of Berkshire’s curriculum and, therefore, require additional fees for transportation, lodging, and food costs while off-campus. Prices vary depending upon enrollment and other factors, and are subject to change. Limited scholarships are available.

Florida: Aviation Science

A perennial favorite: students on this trip will attend a fully credentialed and FAA certified flight school based in Lakeland, Florida. They will undergo initial flight training for a Private Pilot and will complete approximately 8 to 10 hours of flight training and 15 hours of ground school training during the week. With additional trips to Jet Blue University and the Museum of Flight, Berkshire students will return from the trip with big smiles along with an experiential understanding of flying an airplane and gained sense of self confidence. No prior experience is needed. Approximate cost: $3,200. Limited to 10-12 students.

Venice, Italy: Sinking Cities & Resilient Communities

Our journey will begin in Venice where students will explore the phenomenon of Italy’s work on rising sea levels and its impact on architecture, economy and urban planning. Students will investigate Venetian sites and water management projects before moving to the small village of Sant’Angelo in Pontano where they will work with architects and urban planners in design workshops to prepare a presentation to the Boston Society of Architects, who face a similar concern with rising sea levels. Approximate cost: $2,950. Limited to 12 students.

Nicaragua: Leadership and Service

Through integrating in the community of Nindiri, a small town with a rich connection to Nicaragua’s indigenous past, students will explore the influences of the Nindiri families in topics like housing, education, health and agriculture. On a day to day basis, students will be working alongside community members to build a more sustainable and just world through service learning and community development. The experience will also showcase some of the beautiful sites of Nicaragua including Lake Managua and the Volcano National Park. Approximate cost: $2,875. Limited to 14 students.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Creative Pilgrimage

Santa Fe holds a rich artistic and cultural heritage where students will develop an understanding of both history and current events in the Pueblo culture and arts. Students will learn about the history of Santa Fe and the Pueblo Indians, specifically the area’s beautiful pottery and weavings. They will visit Georgia O’Keefe’s studio, hike in the Hyde Memorial State Park and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, visit the Santa Fe Indian School, and participate in art workshops. Approximate cost: $1,250. Limited to 14 students.

Thailand: How Does Tourism impact Culture?

In the modern global marketplace, Southeast Asia has experienced unprecedented economic growth. How has this impacted the local, indigenous cultures? Students will seek to answer this and many other questions as they experience Thailand and learn from the Thai people and from each other. Students will visit the markets of Bangkok, experience life in a small fishing village and the tourism industry along the coast, all while uncovering what goes on behind tourism and the sustainability of culture. Students will capture and share their experiences through digital storytelling—using photography, videography, and interviews to create a short documentary. Approximate cost: $3,300. Limited to 14 students.

Utah: NOLS Desert and Canyon Expedition

Utah has a beautiful desert and canyon landscape where students will learn backpacking, outdoor living, leadership and technical canyoneering skills. Students will rappel, experience slot canyon descents, collaborate for group decision making, and understand how their actions relate to real consequences. The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Lander, Wyoming will partner with Berkshire School throughout the experience. Approximate cost: $3,075. Limited to 10 students.

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