Health and Wellness

Berkshire School’s For Life curriculum is designed to develop the habits of mind and character in our students that prepare them equally for success in their academic futures and in their personal and professional lives. The curriculum and programming are focused on character development, citizenship, identity, decision‐making, diversity, leadership, and college transition during all four years of a student's education at Berkshire School.

III Form

Arriving, Adjusting, and Connecting

Topics addressed: mindfullness, stress management, executive functioning skills, time management, life in a boarding school/community living, nutrition, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, puberty and age appropriate sex ed, mental health awareness.

IV Form

Decisions, Identity, and Development

Topics Addressed: identity and values, the teenage brain, decision making, mindfulness, substance use and abuse, gender and sexual orientation, media and social media literacy, sexual education and the reproductive system, consent, healthy relationships, empathy and bystander training.

V Form

Leadership, Individuality, and Diversity

Topics addressed: leadership training, diversity training.

VI Form

Completion, Transitions, and College Life

Topics addressed: College mental health, alumni panels on college experience, variety of offerings including workshops and speakers related to social decision making in college, college mental health, substance abuse and campus culture, sexual education, consent, and greek life.

Recent Guest Speakers

Throughout the school year, guest speakers are invited to campus to share their expertise on a range of age-appropriate topics.

Dr. Elizabeth Rathbun Yale Stress Center

Cindy Pierce Author, Educator

Chris Herren - Former NBA Player

Justine Fonte Educator

Karlee Fain Author, Celebrity Health Coach

Robert Hoechster Nutritionist

Recent Screenings

Miss Representation

The Mask You Live In

Haze: The Gordie Bailey Movie


Tough Guise

Tess Adams, MSW, LICSW
Director of Counseling
Health and Wellness Coordinator